LIPOWER 1000W Portable Power Station

LIPOWER 1000W Portable Power Station

Add to cart with 2* Lipower solar panel. 8 hours to charge the station with full juice.

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Here’s a review of a 1000w unit that is identical except the name. He says the unit shuts off after 30-60 seconds if there is no draw on the battery. Some folks in the comments said they got around the shut off by plugging in a small USB fan or LED light. Anything that provides a small drain on the unit to keep it on. OKMO Portable Power Station 1000W | Review doesn't go as you would expect! - YouTube

Well, this one looks interesting:

+1 - Calls itself a power station and not a “solar generator”
+1 - Gives battery capacity in Wh
+1 - Has an automotive 12VDC output
+/- 1 - “Pure Sine Wave” - I prefer the phrase “True Sine Wave”, but Google says the two phrases may be used interchangeably. Six vs. half dozen.

Edit - -1 - Their website does not include manuals and the product info has all kinds of broken images.

I’ll need to do some more research on this one later.

As for the power cutting off, there is usually an override. On some power stations one presses and holds the power button for 30+ seconds to bypass energy saver, but I would like to see confirmation of this before purchasing.


We spent $799.99 to purchase this Lipower 1100Wh power station last month as a back up power supply for my mother-in-law’s oxygen concentrator, in case power went out during this year’s winter storms. The unit arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to set-up and charge. The directions were easy to understand, and the variety of outlets on the power station make it quite versatile. It is light enough to move easily with the molded handles, and small enough to be inconspicuous when placed on the floor behind a chair. The capacity (1100 Wh) is adequate for our needs and provides peace of mind if there was an extended power outage.


In my experience, the phrasing “Pure Sine Wave” is common in space of battery backup systems (read: Uninterruptible Power Supplies).

The less expensive products in that space tend to use Simulated Sine Wave.