Liquid Ass Fart Spray

Liquid Ass Fart Spray

What the heck?!? :nauseated_face:

This is a serious medical product for those who can’t produce their own flatulence. Don’t joke, it’s just mean.


Finally, a product I can get behind. Normally, the product reviews on Amazon are full of hot air and reek of phony testimonials, but these seem to be the real deal. No farting around here, just honest reviews.

I’m out of fart puns, but do have to say that these would be great for somebody with a gas problem. Why blame the dog when you can just leave a bottle of this lying around instead?

Why 2 bottles though?
1 for home and 1 for the office? :man_shrugging:

Although… I think you’re on to something here. Someone, not me of course because I don’t pass gas, could just carry a bottle of this stuff around and just claim they sprayed it when they get caught laying one out.