Liquid Image 1080p Camcorder Goggles

Its like 90-110 deg outside these days

I guess i could use this for bike riding

I cant do it

Wow this is pretty neat. I can see how it would offer nicer integration than a gopro, since you don’t have to worry about it sticking up out of your head. It’s also less conspicuous.

I would buy one instantly if it was a scuba mask instead of snow goggles.

Here it is on the Liquid Image Website

If you want to see the helmet sizing chart just click the little link near the top right corner and it will pop up on your screen.

Open note to the men of Woot:

These goggles are definitely not a chick magnet. If you come up to me at a party wearing these things and you try to hit on me, I swear to the Woot Gods, I’m calling 911…

These are awesome but I’d get arrested if I wore these anywhere besides the morgue.

ROFL. Maybe he is just wanting to film your reaction.

LOL, with my luck, that video would end up on YouTube, and the entire world would find out what a shallow b**ch I really am…

Can these be used over regular glasses or are they too snug?

It looks to me like they would only fit glasses if the glasses are quite small and close to your face. Also, small lenses wouldn’t hurt. But if you can’t see while you are wearing them, just play back the video to see what you missed… But in all seriousness, unless you have flexible and small glasses, they usually don’t fit in ski goggles.

This is from just looking at the picture, so my post holds no real significance.
I hope I helped.

I want one, but the ski goggle version.

why does woot hate those of us who like snow. i mean i know they’re based in texas but they do know there are other parts of country too where it snows, right. I live in Michigan and would luv to own a pair of these for snowboarding but i’m not gonna buy this and pay extra to get the lens and nose guard replaced.

Can you use these for airsoft?

Well I would have bought if you would make it easy to figure out how to turn these into snow goggles. I even went to amazon and tried a search but gave up.

I bought two of the scuba masks the last time they were on here. Used one the other day at 80 ft and shot a great video and took some good pictures! Just have to get use to aiming with it.

Does anyone know if these are waterproof? I don’t want the scuba goggles
ones. I am using them for jet ski stunts and I fall in the water allot.

From the site: Lenses are not ANSI rated for Airsoft of Paintball…

There’s a page of accessories on the Liquid Image site with a section for Snow Sports.

They say: Can be converted to a Snow Goggle by changing the lens, nose guard, and strap for Xtreme Sport Action during the Winter

I see a conversion kit there. Just don’t see the strap.

Well, that totally sucks. If these were ANSI Z87.1 I would be all over this deal. I don’t understand what the issue is though, it’s not that hard to make Z87.1 rated lenses. If they offered them as an option (like they offer the snow lenses) their sales would jump high up to include all the paintball/airsoft crowd that loves to upload POV videos from skirmishes :smiley:

A video of them in use. The quality doesn’t look bad. Can’t tell if they’re waterproof though since they are used for water skiing in this video.