Liquid Image 1080p Camcorder Goggles



Product webpage:

General support page:

General video support page:

I’m guessing the video is for the 367 given the label of the video, but the color is different and meant for the Asian audience:

Liquid Image 1080p Camcorder Goggles

You got the video rates backward in the spec - you say
“Up to 60 fps @ HD 1080p; Up to 30 fps @ HD 720p”
it should be
“Up to 30 fps @ HD 1080p; Up to 60 fps @ HD 720p”


I almost bought them till i realized they weren’t for under water… the “liquid” threw me off


I wonder how they’d work for snowboarding.


Good catch. I emailed in to get a fix. They’ll probably fix it in the morning.

Here’s the Liquid Image site for the goggles.


These seem perfect for playing some woodland airsoft. Any specs on safety?


The writeup is hilarious.


Picked up a pair here on WOOT 6 or 8 weeks ago for 89.99 and they were again here on WOOT in the last week or two for 89.99. Mine work great and love them but I would hold off and see if the lower price comes back around.

Safety, they are not rated as safety but there is plenty of room inside. I wear my RayBan Aviators under them while riding the MC.

Picture and Audio, Video is surprisingly good. Audio does nice also. Wind shield in Mic takes care of noise really well as long as you are facing forward. If and when you turn you head to one side or the other, you are going to get wind noise. Overall, they work really, really good.


Can it pick up a normal speaking voice without having to shout?


I am pretty sure the pair that was $89.99 were the 720p model:

This is the 1080p model.

The snow lens/strap add about $40 onto the price, if I wanted to get these for skiing.

Anyone have experience with using these for snow sports?


Here’s a video review:


I want a pair for the singular purpose of steampunking them.

Maybe when they hit a lower price point.


Not while you are in motion at any speed at all, as you should expect. Think about it, if you are riding with someone on a MC and the speed, road, and engine noise is so loud you have to shout, the same would be so for the mic on the goggles. It would all be equally relative.


Amazon also has the snow version for $179.99


Anyone else have a charging issue with this buy? I had this on charge for 6+hours and the battery is cold but the lens unit is hot. does not power up at all. seems to be DOA. call woot or manufacturer?


It’s worth calling the manufacturer to see if there’s something they can help you troubleshoot or fix easily. If that doesn’t work out, email for options.


Thanks, I should have checked up sooner!