Liquid Image 1080p Camcorder Goggles

Here these were last time for sale Plenty of discussion over there :slight_smile:

The perfect Christmas present for everyone’s favorite creepy uncle. Make sure to buy him three… he’s going to get these broken a time or two, I bet.

Way sleep deprived, but with Dann/Steve around, I couldn’t resist.
Here’s a different flavor from September,

Where I commented (and I forgot to see if the price is the same as
$125.99 tonight

This might be it for me tonight. Thanks.

awww thanks whatsamattaU- You old rascal! I’m trying to stop by more really I am :tongue: Just been so busy lately! I don’t need to tell you how that is thought.

I know, I’m averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep this week and have to go back in this weekend. I tried filling in when you weren’t here, but things get even busier soon, so I’ve got to catch up on sleep now while I can. Take care.

These make Great wedding presents! For that special “first night” together… I’m just saying…

But the snow gear is extra? Kinda doesn;t look like such a bragain that way…

wonder if these will work for paintball???

Could you elaborate…? What isn’t included?

Trying to figure out which snow lens would fit this. The search on the liquid image site for model 367 lens comes back with other models instead.

Which one fits this rascal?