Liquid Image HD Offroad Goggle Camcorder

Am I mistaken or aren’t these on ebay from Southbay Eletronics for $98.94 shipped? So I’m really only saving $3.95?

Oh, hey, cool!

I thought the Goggle Glass devices were more expensive and weren’t out yet!

In for 3!

Amazon page

z87 safety rating? Would be great for airsoft but it needs the safety rating.Anyone know?

AND on Amazon (WOOT’s parent) for the same price!!! With no shipping:

These are not ansi rated and on their website specifically says NOT for airsoft/paintball use. I airsoft as well… you would think that if goggles are for off road use, they would at least be ansi rated.

Does anyone having experience giving this as a gift to a teenager? My brother-in-law has a bday coming up, and he dirt-bikes and snowmobiles frequently.
Basically, I want to know if this is actually something that is cool…something that isn’t just a $90 novelty that will be used a couple times then, once the initial ‘wow’ of having the camera wears off, will be replaced with something more functional without a camera. The lenses are interchangeable, right?

I got these for $5 less (big deal) on another woot offer a few weeks ago. They do a remarkably good job for the money. I used them on a charity Motor Cycle ride and was well pleased.

While this would be neat to have for making videos on my motorcycle, the lack of Z87 rating kills it. Even the sunglasses I wear for biking are z87 rated.

Having come close to loosing my sight, I take these sort of things seriously.

Extremely good point and here is the best news. There is a very soft cushion on these goggles with plenty of inside room. I can and do wear my sunglasses with the goggles on. I also have clear glasses for night riding and I wear them under the goggles also. So don’t let that hold you back from getting a pair. Just a little more info from what I have experienced. Quality of video is very good. Sound is better than you would expect. Windshield on microphone works very well while looking straight ahead but when you turn you head and look from side to side it will pick up wind noise. Lastly, the nose piece I did not like but it removes very easily.

Offroad verses in air? How well do you these googles would work for skydiving?

Better deal at $79.99 + free shipping…HD 720P Video Glasses Built-in Camera Lens 12M Pixel Wide Angle Motorcycle and Skiing Goggles

Well, I bought them for airsoft so I think they will work perfectly. Even though some say they aren’t to be used for airsoft, I think with the amount of room in the goggle, I can just wear my safety goggles under, but we will see how well they work this Saturday.

Does anyone know if these are waterproof?? Didn’t see that being mentioned on the product page …

Water resistance? If it rains are they toast? Specs should include water resistance on anything that says “adventure” or “offroad”

Two questions:

Anyone know how they would hold up for winter sports?

Is the lense replaceable with a ski/snowboard goggle lense?

From the main description.

To be fair I would question the quality of any electronics purchased from Meritline. You also probably wouldn’t have it until halloween or thanksgiving (shipping is SLOOOOOOOOW)

acewingman, I’m interested in checking this out, but the link doesn’t take you to anything. Is it an old page, or just inactive now? Would have been nice to have something to compare to.