Liquid Plastic Welder Kit, Your Choice

Liquid Plastic Welder Kit, Your Choice

You’ve got a discrepancy. Top says starter gets 1 bonus refill. Specs say 2 refills for starter.

Is this stuff any good?

Hi there. We just fixed it.

The Starter Kit has 1 and the Pro has 2.

Roast it, and use a dipping sauce.

Plenty of brown sugar and butter right?

The dipping sauce?

No, that would be silly.

Does anyone else think this looks like a snowman?


Just got mine. I got the pro kit and it came with a total of three cartridges. I already fixed a couple of my sons toys and it worked way better than I expected.

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Cool, thanks for the review.

Where is the Amazon Fire Phone app? Surely Woot supports Amazon. Only the Android and iPhone apps are mentioned. I wanted to buy but eliminating buying from Fire Phone or PC left me out. No woot from me.


You could sideload the Woot apk onto your Fire Phone, or install an Android emulator onto your PC and use the Woot app that way…


Yeah, I’m sorry. The Amazon Fire market is pretty small and it requires work to get it working. We probably will again in the future but I don’t have a date.

FWIW, it will likely be on our site within a week or so.