Liquid Video 6.2" Portable DVD System


Welcome to the Liquid Video 6.2" Portable DVD System topic page for Friday, February 11th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


[color=green:362ced524f]Well, Not a Woot-Book (As I had hoped for) but I’m sure someone can use these[/color]


Its a DVD Player, something I don’t need :P.

Royal: Bad prediction? lol

Also as always updated and the anticipated [color=red:8a8b00e331]Pepsi Hack[/color][color=blue:8a8b00e331] is the famous ‘look at the bottom of the cap to see if you are a winner for a free music download from iTunes’


[size=24:837004372b]The ULTIMATE BOC!!![/size:837004372b]

Liquid Video 6.2" Portable DVD System
There’s No Business Like the Overstocked & Remaindered Electronics Business
$134.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Unless your mortgage is paid off and you can somehow draw nourishment from little clumps of dust and hair, sometimes you have to pierce the nurturing womb of your home and venture into the terrifying world outside. Did those two teenage girls just snicker at me? Shouldn’t that slobbering Rottweiler be on a leash? What is the guy in the next subway seat doing under his coat? Was that cop trying to stare me down? What did I just step in?

Instead of throwing your fists over your ears and collapsing to the sidewalk, replace the threatening cacophony of the outside world with the gentle balm of the Hollywood dream factory. “What’s that you say, sonny? Give you ten bucks or you’ll cut me? Hang on a minute – the School of Rock kids are just about to get their big break.” This Liquid Video Portable DVD system erects an impenetrable 6.2” LCD wall between you and the scary, hostile Others, in widescreen 16:9 format. Eschew the stereo speakers and use headphones (not included) for total social disengagement - Liquid Video style!

Not into movies? Fed up with the entertainment industry’s unhealthy beauty standards? Blind? It can also play audio CDs or mp3s, so neh. And we didn’t forget the pimply, sociopathic gamer types who have taken over half of our movie store floor space: plug in your favorite game console and BAM! You’ll be murdering scores of pitiful innocents in lifelike color, not to mention freaking out the old lady in the next booth at Denny’s. Yeah, that’s right! Someday you’ll make them all afraid! Someday!


* 6.2” LCD screen
* Formats supported: DVD, CD, MP3
* Causes supported: EFF, AARP, NRBQ
* Two A/V inputs for video game consoles
* Does not contain a tiny chip that enables the government to monitor your movements and vital signs – in fact, please ignore this bullet point
* Freq Response: DVD Audio: 4Hz – 88kHz; DVD Video: 4Hz – 44kHz; CD/Video CD: 4Hz to 20kHz
* Will not play 78 RPM records, wax cylinders, or ViewMaster reels
* Aluminum & High-Impact Plastic Case holds the 6.2” LCD screen and the Multi-function Remote Control, in case you’re watching it in a stretch limo
* Connects to TVs for at-home use
* Bag with straps for mounting the unit between car seats

What’s in the Box

* Carrying case
* Two Rechargeable 2.5 hour batteries
* Car power adapter
* Mounting bag with straps
* Remote control
* AC adapter
* Owner’s manual
* Condition - New, basic warranty – 3 months parts/labor


Its a WOOT worth buying! Too bad I really aint got the $$ for it. But I really do want it. hmmm, dang it the smart side wins. YOU SUCK ALL YOU WHO BUY ONE! but its thats just the name of the game oh well.


Nice!!! I think I’ll get one.


i like it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


looks rather expensive for a no-name brand portable dvd player. definitely not w00t quality.

searching on froogle finds a bunch of other generic portable dvd players for around this price range. of course there isn’t all the goodies like the bag or the xtra battery.

[color=blue:fbe91a7fc6][b]//krunk (^_^x)[/b][/color]

Merchant Info $169.90
No Tax $2.95 $172.85
556 Reviews
Circuit City
Merchant Info $249.99
$15.62 Free $265.61
23 Reviews


VERY NICE WOOT! Look at how much Circuit City wants…

Good work management team! You’re back to making us proud Wooters! :smiley:


Bought my girl a 7" one for $199 last christmas. Thing was garbage. Wonder how this one is.

No need for it here, my laptop is on Amtrak every time I am. Looks nice, though.


My first woot post and I think on page one…yeah

so is this a good one or what?


sweet w00t. Two batteries does it for me. Gift for my little brother’s Bar Mitzvah.




wonder if it would shut my kids up?


Once again, I need the help of you geeks! What kinda of a deal is this one?! From my fast read, it really doesn’t seem to mention who the manufacturer is, does it?


As much as I try, I really don’t have a need for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great woot, though.


Nice, but not for me today… unless this is an insane deal. Whats the scoop on this baby? Anyone on the know on the info on this? Maybe the batteries alone are worth the cash… maybe not. Hmmmm…


not my woot


bite woot u got a fish :lol:


WOOT! Here I am…