Lisa Frank 2 Pocket Glitter Folder (One)

Lisa Frank 2 Pocket Glitter Folder (One)

Seems too good to be true :heart_eyes: :laughing:

Ordered :moneybag::money_mouth_face::money_with_wings:


Almost 6 bucks for a single pocket folder? Boy, have I got a deal on artisanal canned air for you.

Lisa Frank?!

Sells like crazy


$0.96 each at Wally World

Lisa Frank Glitter 2 Pocket Paper Folder, 3-Hole Punched, Assorted Designs -

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Well hot dog. I guess I’ll buy more from Walmart!

It costs the same to get it shipped from Walmart but i could drive 1 hour there and back to get it for 1.06… meh… the time to drive and go to a icky Walmart… online is worth it to me… I haven’t stepped foot in a Walmart in 5 years.

.25 each at my local WM.

I had no idea that after 30 years Lisa Frank was still a thing.

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Heck yeah it is! Costco sometimes sells amazing sets too!

I’d consider going if it wasn’t 1 hour away


Gotta make it worth the trip!

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Nooo lol I don’t want to drive a total of 2 hours lol

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Well you could buy the maximum amount of 12 so they’d come out to about $1.45 each, but knowing WalMart, you’d probably get 12 of the same kind.

I have that calendar in my bedroom - and yes, I too am a child of the 80’s/90’s. I got it at my local Dollar Tree, so I had no idea Lisa Frank carried such a premium price.

My calendar is from dollar tree and people were selling it for like 5-10$

I checked daily for it… they were getting in 3 at a time

Oh wow. I had no idea I stumbled upon such a great deal!

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