Literary Classics as Video Games

Holy advance notice, shirt man!

Liking all the announcements!!!

Can we have some rules, please?

Yay!!! I love advance notification of upcoming derby themes!

It gives my slow-working self extra time to prepare.

… no creme!

I never have understood the no creme thing. Is it a nasty creme? I like cream and creme. Haha

remember people: Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is NOT public domain.

OH MAN- Why can’t this theme be one of the advance notice ones and the adorable one be this week??? Don’t know if I have the time to give this what it deserves- Back to teaching and “Meet the Teacher” night is tonight…

Awesome theme- Now to narrow ideas-

That’s a “limitation”, not a rule :confused:

!! Awesome…

What time period of “classics” do you mean? Only BC or how far up through AD is ok?

Can we add a NO ROBIN WILLIAMS rule? I don’t like it when celebrity death becomes profit…

You just ruined all three of my designs.

Those would already rightfully earn a “nope” rejection. I would hope.

Thanks for the advance derbies woot. You rock.

Haha! It looks like woot learned something from last month! Looking forward to the great designs :smiley:

AA, the blanks woot used to use, allowed for creme tees. Anvil, the current blanks, does not. As for why it’s even an option anymore is still up for debate though >.>

As a person whose art brain sometimes rebels and will not allow me to be productive on a certain day of the week, I totally dig having these derby previews!

There are still cream shirts for sale in the catalog, especially a very cute Coffee Stain Cats design. :smiley:

They were still available well into the Anvil Era. For some reason (I’ve been told a number of times but I’m also not especially bright), they’ve become more difficult / expensive to source. I think the reason for the status quo of disclaiming it weekly is because of some expectation that the sourcing issue is temporary. I guess.

I can’t help myself. I HATE the way the current tees fit. IF the neck were any larger… I would buy so many more tees if they had the old shirts.