Literary Classics as Video Games

I still have mine! It was the third shirt I ever bought from woot, way back in 2009 <3 Still holding up strong too with no sign of wear (so happy!). My dad grins everytime he sees it on me too XD So thank you for bringing many smiles to my dad!

That’s what it was! Thanks for clarifying. Been trying to kick the caffeine habbit, so my brain seems to be stuck on only halfway awake x.x

Awwww, that makes ME smile! Thank you for telling me. :slight_smile:

Books in the Public Domain:

Since they specifically mentioned the public domain, that would take us in the US up through about 1924, I think…

The Kama Sutra is public domain? ~headtilts~ Guess it’s a good thing this isn’t XWoot!

Also, glad I could make you smile :slight_smile:

Edit: Holy wow! Reading some of the titles in the top 100 alone from that site is making me giddy XD It looks like this could be an artist’s gold mine. I’m totally excited to see what you guys can come up with!

Basically look for 3 more Alice in Wonderland shirts starting next Friday. Outside chance of some Cthulhus.

True. Moby Dick and Edgar Allan Poe will be well covered, too.

I meant more along the lines of tribute art- like the 200 Aladdin pictures that have popped up this last week. I’ve seen a bunch of shirt sites with them already and it just seems too opportunistic to me. With A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS a part of the theme, this worry came to my head.

I was thinking about that too. On the one hand, I honestly would be happy to have a tribute shirt, but on the other it doesn’t seem right to profit from Mr. Williams’ death- or anyone’s death, for that matter.

If anything, I would love it if woot artists got together and created a few tribute shirts, but then all the money went to one of the many charities Mr. Williams sponsored or helped create. It could be the ultimate special edition, and then the shirts can truly be worn with pride.

Somehow doubt this could happen, but one can always hope, right?

GREAT IDEA, Nitetigerzz!

very sweet idea, but still too soon. It’s too hard to know the intent and would still look from the outside like profiting from his death. While the wound is still fresh, I think it’s best to leave him and his family be.

Too many people haven’t, so I think the best tribute is extra respect for their privacy.

Does it have to be 8 bit? What about 16 and 32 and 64 and beyond? The Title AND author in the design? A box? A scene? A character? or any of that? Design video games is GREEK to me! Haha. Though I LOVE all the Lego games! I’ve played all of them.

It’s definitely just 8-bit. Feel free to hop onto Google Images for Popular 8-bit Games and you should get some great examples.

I’m doing that now. Hehe. I just didn’t know if it should be a box art, a game scene or what.

That’s a really good point / question. Can we get clarification? Should it be specifically pixel art or can it be box art?

I don’t see where it specifically says it has to be 8-bit. I think they were using that more as an example.

Aaah kay, I see.

If we could just drag a staff-member from the woot-off long enough, some answers might be had all around xp

It doesn’t have to be anything except not on creme (and generally fit the theme).

I’ll look out for these - awesome