LITEUP 125 Solar LED String Lights

LITEUP 125 Solar LED String Lights

The set of these I got last year were just the white light version.

Two issues:

  • At Christmas time, there wasn’t enough daytime light to get them to light up every night (maybe every other night) and I live in Texas.
  • When they did light up, only the first quarter of the lights were somewhat bright. The last 3 quarters were very dim.



Thank you for the tip

Complete trash

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Made in China?

Yep. Sure is.

I got some of these earlier this year. They pretty much just lasted out the warranty.

Junk save your money

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Woot: how long are the strings in feet?

From the details…"68 feet of solar LEDs including a 12 foot lead length from the solar panel”

These look like Jelly Bellies in the thumbnail.

Maybe I just have a sweet tooth going on.


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Thank you!

New tide pod challenge? :thinking:

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