Lithium-Ion Cordless Pivot Screwdriver Kit

Lithium-Ion Cordless Pivot Screwdriver Kit

Sun Joe sold this on 12/23/2019 for $9.99 shipped; was a damn great product for $10.

This one is $12.99 with $0.94 in tax for me. Ordering from Woot Android App w/ Prime gave 10% off for $12.63 total shipped.

Not a bad price still.

Dumb questions, don’t know much about tools:. Weight and size ok fo a 107 lb female? Type of cord used to recharge? Thanks for help and advice!

It comes with a charger.


It is light weight as power tools go. Perfect for a 107 pound woman. I’m a 200 pound man and have a similar cordless screwdriver from Black and Decker. The flex extension is a bit of a gimmick, but might come in handy.

Flex was the selling point for me due to places I need to reach. Would you avoid it?