Lithium Ion Jump Starter & Power Bank

Lithium Ion Jump Starter & Power Bank

Does it come with an AC and/or car adapter to recharge it?

The Amazon reviews says no AC adapters are included despite the what the description says. There is a note from the mfger that newer models charge by USB. From the photos a small hole at the top, it looks like this is an older version that requires an AC adapter. Even if it did come with round-plug AC adapter, I wouldn’t want it. It’s one more adapter I have to keep track of.

I want one of these, but there are some alarm bells here. First, the Fakespot grade is “F”. Second, the price directly from the mothership was $60 just a few days ago and as low as $51 prior to that according to Camel Camel Camel… making this not such a great bargain.

I have one that looks identical except it’s Schumacher instead of DieHard. I’ve had it for a couple years, and I love it. I’ve never tried to jump a car with it, but I have jumped my 1800cc bike, and that works perfectly.

I just checked, the Schumacher one is $48 at the mothership.

I’m not convinced that Fakespot gives reliable data.

If you look at the verified purchaser ratings, 13 of 15 gave it 5 stars.

Another 13 are Vine reviews where they were given a sample to review. All were good for what that’s worth.

That’s 28 reviews. That means that 2 reviews were possibly from non-purchasers.

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Hi all. It comes with a Micro USB Charging Cable.

We’ve also linked to the manual in the features.

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How long does the battery last when not in use? How often would I need to re charge the internal battery? Seems like a cigarette lighter plug would help so it could be easily checked and recharged from the glove box. Anyone have this or one like it?

Yeah I’m not 100% on-board with Fakespot, but an “F” is often a red flag. In this case I think it’s the Vine reviews… let’s be honest, it’s hard to be objective when you are getting stuff for free.

Camel Camel Camel on the other hand is pretty reliable.

The battery lasts up to a month, however we recommend to charge it at least once every month, if its not in frequent use, to prevent over-discharge.
Indeed, you can use the Micro-USB cable, included with product, to connect to a 12v (cigarette lighter) power supply to recharge. The 12v plug would be purchased separately if you do not have one.

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But can you use it to jump start a bidet? Asking for a friend…

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You will want to check the user manual for the bidets jump starting requirements. But if your bidet is located in your garden, you may find this to be helpful to get it started.

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Ordered Jan 15th. Arrived today, Jan 17th.

Nice sealed retail box. I plugged it in to charge and found it already at 100%. We’re good to go!

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