Little Cookie Let Me In!

Little cookie, RUN!

Who is the Monster now?

This is another shining example of an obscure reference that I don’t get.

Someone please explain.

I wanted this shirt to be titled, “Heeeere’s Cookie…”

Love it, but it is probably sold out in my size already. Didn’t get one of the “The Night is Dark” shirts despite ordering early in the day.

Opening the jar for this one but I don’t know if there are any cookies left. :slight_smile:

Just on the off chance that someone doesn’t get the reference even after the hints.

How do you know if it’s an American Apparel shirt?

Last I heard woot had stopped using AA shirts. This may be the first time I’ve visited the shirt site since and was wondering it they have switched back. Anyone know?

The blanks are still Anvil, hence my clickable sig. (@snapster is Woot’s ex-CEO).


Me sorry, me just having really hard time right now, me not know what to do without cookie.

Looks like I missed a very evil likes to dip things in milk weekend