Little Giant 15 ft Ladder w/ Cargo Pouch

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Little Giant 15 ft Ladder w/ Cargo Pouch
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Little Giant 10302/15040-0 M17/Type 1 15 ft Ladder w/Tool Pouch

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My grandfather has one of these ladders. It’s definitely the last ladder you’ll ever need.

next please.

You can jump off the top of this to end your life and this lackluster wootoff.

Mac compatiable?

$140 for a 15ft ladder?

At least it’s got the pouch. That alone makes it a huge deal…

Will this throw the winning touchdown when faking a field goal in overtime?

Will this work with my Mac? Oh wait its 2010…is this a clean install fo Linux?

I’m going to need one of these ladders to climb over all this carp woot is selling.

well at least it isn’t this ladder


edit:hmmm… he removed his post… maybe because he was 4th!

My dad also has one of these ladders. A great purchase. Get one for the man in your life. Wife are you listening?

Anyone notice that all the images are the same picture?

It is a very nice ladder, I have one at home. Very secure, very sturdy.

I win!

Not if you’ve got to reach 16 ft.

lmao a refurb ladder??? uhhhhhh…

In for 3. I need to get to my 40’ tall roof.