Little Giant 17’ Ladder with Air Deck

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Little Giant 17’ Ladder with Air Deck
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Aug 16 to Friday, Aug 19) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Does this have the air station with it or not?

The front page title says **


I’m not too sure about this deal. Lowes currently has the most excellent and well-vetted Werner version of this type of ladder, of the same size at 17’, for the same price of $149 new and in store.

Per the Features:
Note: A refurbished ladder is generally a ladder that has been used for sales demonstration purposes and no longer qualify as being new. The ladder that may have scratches to the surface of the aluminum or to a label that prevent it from being sold as new. Refurbished ladders meet the same high quality standards as new ladders. Refurbished ladders carry a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

I agree that the “deal” is that you are paying less for the Little Giant brand name; there are other ladders out there for less.
The comparable werner ladder (no “airdeck”) is $139 at Home Depot. Home Depot also has the 22’ version of the Werner, which I think gives a lot more versatility (although slightly less portability) - that’s 169 at Home Depot and probably comparably priced at Lowes.

I’m sad I missed this before and grew impatient and got the $99 HF version (on sale). I really like the idea of the air deck and handle since I almost fell off the top of one of these once. I certainly don’t need 2 though.

Thank you for your post. I was about to get this - because I checked with Amazon and yes - this is a great price for ‘this’ ladder. But I looked up the Werner ladder at HomeDepot - and it’s indeed $169 and telescopes to 22’. So - thanks! I appreciate your post!

I bought one last time they were offered after working with our contractor and loving his little Giant ladders.

If anyone is curious, I love mine and was worried about the “refurbished” part. After some research I thought it would be fine. When it came it was basically brand new with a “certified demo” sticker on the inside, but otherwise looked brand new and was spotless.

Hope that helps anyone on the fence.

Edit: forgot to mention, it was 132 on here without the air deck