Little Giant 17’ Ladders - Your Choice

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Little Giant 17’ Ladders - Your Choice
Price: $132.99 - 149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Apr 18 to Thursday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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A refurbished ladder ?? Hmm…15 feet in the air and the refurbished part breaks. Wish they would say exactly what a refurbished ladder means.

I’m pretty sure the last owner fell, now it’s repaired,what are the chances of it happening twice?!

Is the air deck removable? If so, send me one of these bundles of aluminum sticks.

Yes it is. I have the select step ladder, same thing, and the air deck folds and clips to the bottom inside of the ladder out of the way. Not sure if it does on the 17D, I don’t see the orange plastic holders on the inside bottom.

I’ve been waiting for a ladder like this for a few months. If I hadn’t just bought a 22ft Werner from HD for $99 last week, I’d probably be in.


I have a pair of these “refurbished” ladders the one without an Air Deck. They looked brand new when they arrived. Anytime a ladder is returned, I have been told that the resell of said ladder by law has to have the refurbished label on it. My opinion for the returns are either buyers remorse or “cheap rental” I have been very impressed with my ladders right now I am using them as a scaffold setup 5ft in the air to put a clear poly panel roof over my deck. If that is not trust in the “refurbished” product I don’t know what would be

I bought one of these 2 weeks ago on Woot that was listed as refurbished. The only thing I noticed was that the box had a “Demo Unit” sticker on the outside. Really, the ladder looked brand new.

I bought a new M-17 for $169.99 in a woot-off in Oct 2013 and have used it quite a few times. It’s definitely heavier than my crappy old 8’ aluminum ladder, but way more versatile and stable. I used it this year to put up and take down the top section of the ridiculously tall Christmas tree that my wife bought (12 freakin feet tall). That requires putting the ladder right up next to the tree and holding this heavy, bulky top 3’ of the tree section and dropping it into the pole/trunk of the tree, about 9’ in the air. It was rock solid, no problems.

I have a friend who is considering ripping off all the popcorn ceiling in his house, and I’m going to recommend he get one of these. He borrowed mine when they did the living room as a test project. With 2, they could build a scaffold with some sturdy boards between them.

Unless he has very tall ceilings, he can just use one. It splits into 2 and you can put boards between.
I have one and use it only when required. It works great, but it is very heavy. Most jobs i just use a regular ladder.

Wow, that’s a good deal on the werner. I’m torn now…

I have a Little Giant, a Werner, and a Cosco ladder in various lengths/heights. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Yes, they’re heavier than a standard A-frame ladder, but they’re a lot more versatile than a standard A-frame ladder too.

If your house is two stories, a taller one can be more useful.

Something to note: TEST FOR ASBESTOS before proceeding!! Many popcorn ceilings were done in an era in which asbestos can be found in sheetrock and finishing compounds. If it tests positive, do not disturb it!