Little Giant 17’ Ladders - Your Choice

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Little Giant 17’ Ladders - Your Choice
Price: $132.99 - 149.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jun 08 to Monday, Jun 13) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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4/13/2016 - $132.99 - 149.9 - Click To See Discussion (14 comments)

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Using a refurbished ladder seems like a shaky proposition to me.

It’s about $30 more on the mothership (with a work platform, without a project tray - but also new).

My biggest reservation is not that this is refurbished (I’m a clutz, so everything becomes S&D eventually), but that this is the 17’ version. I’m not sure this offers enough utility beyond the 13’ multi-fold ladder that I already have.

Really tempted by this since I nearly fell off the top of an A frame ladder once. The handrail seems like a really nice feature. Is ~$155 a good price?

Gah! I’ve been waiting for the 22’ (ish) version of this, so I can give my neighbor back his 24’ extension ladder.

My mom bought me and my dad one of these as xmas/b-day gifts. Awesome in their flexibility of uses, but, these things are pretty heavy. My Dad is 75 and said that he never uses it because its too heavy for him to handle on his own. He has a 3 story 4600sqft house on 5 acres to deal with, I have a one story condo…so for me it’s not bad to use, but I can see where for him it’s just too much.

Agreed, it’s a beast, but when I have to put the top 1/3 of the 13’ tall, 6’ wide Christmas tree on, this is what I use. Extra wide legs, sturdy, and strong. It’s not what I’d use for changing all the 9V batteries in the smoke detectors, though.

It really depends on what your needs are. If you’ve had “almost but not quite reachable” moments with your 13’, then yes, the extra reach will help. If that has never come up before, then no.

For those interested, this HF’s ladder is 117 right now with coupon. I’ve been torn between these 2 ladders for a while.

I like the name brand and the handle, but I’m also super cheap. ZCI6IjY2NDcifQ%3D%3D &utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2216c&utm_source=1034&cid=mEmail_s1034_c2216c