Little Giant 17’ Titan X Ladder

Little Giant 17’ Titan X Ladder

Is the 15 foot max. extension height the length of the ladder or the height of the wall when it’s leaning on it at the right angle?

Seems to be measured by reach. There’s all types of numbers in the specs tab.

If you have not used one of these ladders before, be aware that they are quite heavy. I’ve used them many times. They’re great for having in a work vehicle, if you only have room for one ladder, because of the flexibility of the configurations. BUT, the ladder itself is 30.5 lbs. That’s quite a bit of weight to be wrestling with when you’re trying to set it up and get it where you need it to be.

They’re great for what they are, but they really are a pain in the rear to maneuver. Even just getting the thing set up into stepladder mode takes quite a bit of time and effort, not to mention space to move the thing around in.

In my opinion, they are not worth the struggle, unless you actually need one ladder to do it all. Otherwise just get separate ladders.