Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System


Bah! We just bought a house and could totally use this! But alas, we be broke.

We have a series of stuff that folds up. Interactive!

someone let me borrow $180 bucks I could really use one of these. They never come up when I have the funds.

seriously, best ladder ever.

its a little heavy, but it can do just about anything you’d need it to.

Bought this from Woot in December! Husband has a landscaping business. He loves it! Best ladder he’s ever owned.

I have wanted one of these for years, but I still live in apartment. Hey woot, if I buy three of these will you buy me a house??
Oh, and where’s Richard Karn?

We really could have used this but the grill stuff was going so slowly I stopped hitting the refresh button so often and I missed it! AHHH! That’s what I get. You snooze, you lose, as they say.

Yeah, as Scotty says above, it’s very heavy; heavy enough that it’s not quite as useful as it should be.

However, once you get it where you want it, it’s the best ladder. Super-sturdy (I’m ~250 lbs and have no problem with stability) and also very configurable.

WOOO HOO! I got me a ladder!

$225 at Amazon with shipping…good reviews too!

Just FYI if you live near “Tuesday Morning” they usually have these in stock and sell for about $200. Not as great as Woot, but better than paying $300 retail.

Darn I could have actually used this.

our local sams club has them for about the same price and they are not refurbed like these.