Little Giant Alta-One 17' Ladder w/Cargo Hold

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Little Giant Alta-One 17’ Ladder w/Cargo Hold
Price: $161.99
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Does this ladder come with pizza?

I wish Woot would carry more than the 17’ model. This model is probably about what you would need for maintenance on a single-story / ‘ranch’ style home.
I know this isn’t deals.woot so this may not be the most appropriate location for this, but Home Depot has a competitive 22’ ladder for about $170 (MT-22), or about $100 (MT1-22, which appears to be out of stock everywhere). Shipping is extra, but you can pick it up in stores free and get it today.

Not this model, no. You could try and talk your UPS/FedEx guy into picking one up before delivering. I don’t think they’ll oblige, though.

Endorsed. I have a 2 story home, and my neighbor is currently letting me keep his 24" old school extension ladder (which I think actually has a max extension height of 19 ft.) It’s humungous (which is why he’s letting me hold on to it, he’s tired of storing it) I need a 22’ LG to replace it.