Little Giant Alta-One Extension Ladders

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Little Giant Alta-One Extension Ladders
Price: $159.99 - 179.99
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I bought one of these for our Church and it really is quite handy. It’s rather heavy but very versatile and useful.

Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) on the M-22 over at and pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

I have one of these. Stable, sturdy and far better than the cheap ladders sold. Weighs a ton though. Also the platform this company sells is a useful add on. You can either stand on it or put paint, etc. on it - or buy two and do both.

These ladders are great! I have the 17-footer, and can honestly say it was money very well spent. I added the platform and wheels, each under $30, and a paint/tool tray for $35. With the wheels added, these ladders are easy to move - even by a small adult. Here, the 22-foot ladder is a great buy. The 17-foot ladder is priced about the same as elsewhere.

would be nice if they can put the little giant ladder accessories on tool Woot

I bought one of these last time. Definitely a buy.

I got one the last time they were on Woot, and it has been just…the best. Aside from the obvious wonderfulness of the adjustable design, it’s worth calling out how the rails flare out as they get to the ground. It’s a surprisingly broad, steady base.

Couldn’t be more pleased.

Love this ladder. Great for large and small jobs alike. Heavier than your standard cheapo aluminum ladder, but remember you’re basically getting 2 ladders that can reconfigure as needed. I don’t expect mine to break, but if it did, I would get another Little Giant, fore sure.

the m-22 here is $179

is it the same m-22 listed at homedepot for $189?

Great ladder. The best I’ve every owned.

It lads well.

but its heavy.|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=Multi-position

$10 more but for $300 pounds. However this one has no wheels. Anything else I’m missing?

I bought the M22 during the last woot. It is the perfect ladder for my home.

I have a 14ft vaulted ceiling and until I bought this one I didn’t have an A-Frame ladder that was ever big enough to reach the ceiling, so that old 1980s chandelier in my kitchen just hung there, mocking us. Not anymore!

Although it claims it’s a 9ft A-Frame just keep in mind that you’re advised not to step above the 7ft step. (that’s the case for any A-Frame.)

The difference is brand name and possibly available accessories (does Werner sell the same accessories as Little Giant?). They should be functionally identical, Werner even copied the model number and the reviews are just as good. There’s a 10% internet coupon available for Lowes lately so you can drop another $19 from that price and it comes in under Woot’s price (tax may swing that back the other way depending on location).

Woot,I’d like a deal on the 26 ft Little Giant ladder but maybe that’s too tall an order!

These are awesome ladder’s, well worth the money at this great price.
I bought 17 foot version at retail over 10 years ago and I am still using it today. I am a professional home inspector and this one ladder has replaced three others that I used to carry. It is also very durable. There are less expensive ladders but in my experience, they don’t hold up to heavy-duty everyday use. I’m not a little guy, weighing in at around 240 pounds and for a number of reasons it is important to have a strong, stable and durable ladder for my work. I highly recommend this one.

I see what you did there.