Little Giant Alta-One Extension Ladders

Every time there is a Little Giant ladder on woot!, I think about poor Chris…

Crap! I bought this last time at $199.99. Anyway to get a price match?!

Why does the Little Giant web site state a lifetime warranty while the Woot only states a 1 year warranty?

I got the M-22 on a prior Woot. It’s really robust and will support a heavy person.

It was great for working on a fence on a hill. Also for working on the roof of a travel trailer–I set one leg vertical and the other on an angle so I could set the ladder flush against the trailer without touching it.

Only two negatives:

  1. Don’t believe the word “lightweight” in the product description.
  2. It has a wide footprint. While this is great for stability on uneven surfaces, it was hard to get around when working in a small utility closet.

Bought one of these a year ago. The ladder itself is great, but if you think those wheels are a bonus then you will be disappointed. Mine did not make the shipment journey. the cheap plastic band that attaches them to the frame of the ladder will break off. And don’t expect Little Giant to “fix it”. They ignored my requests…guess that is why it is on

I have found that grade 1A ladders are stiffer under foot and easier to work on when fully extended, just as one would expect. Because of this, the Werner ladder would probably be my choice, especially with the discounts discussed above.

Great for scaling over fences

Looks like it would be perfect for having Ladder matches

Caveat Emptor

These might be shorter than you expect, if you didn’t read the details.

M-17 is a 15’ ladder at max extension height.

M-22 is a 19’ ladder at max extension height.

They use the model numbers “M-17,” and “M-22” to indicate an approximate “working height” of your hands when you’re standing at the highest recommended rung. It can be a little misleading, when you are kind of expecting it to indicate the total length of the ladder.

Not a bad ladder, but heavy as all get out. You probably want to go with a lighter option if you’re planning on moving this ladder a substantial distance by hand.

no, different brands. Look pretty similar though.

I’m not seeing a huge difference when comparing the two. Can anyone tell us why the little giant is better? Do the wheels help that much?

GR8 price! but rated 250 lbs not
300 pound Max is a negative.
If a $40.00 retail apron could
be purchased at a discount
that would be a big plus.
Costco includes the apron on
their 300 pound rated M17 ladder
at no charge. Still for the
right person this price is more
than fair.

I have had one for a few years. They are excellent ladders and very versatile. I have used mine for everything from painting a barn to changing light bulbs in a cathedral ceiling. Only 2 negatives, it is very heavy, which is understandable when you remember that you are really carrying around 2 well built ladders, and when the ladder is extended the steps are very narrow.

Wife surprised me with the M-22 last time. I love this ladder. With the wheels I have no problem lugging it around. I would like the 26’ one too.

Quite heavy as a whole, better when split and i mainly use the external ladder. It’s lighter in weight and i like how the legs are wider to give extra sturdiness.

I’m a little concern with that 250 lbs statement. I weight under 200 and the ladder seem to move and stuff under my weight.

Another thing, I find the steps to be a bit small for my footing.

I have the Werner model and it is about 10lbs heavier than the little giant. I wish mine weighed 10lbs less. It has been very handy otherwise.

Sold out after I just got back from looking at the werner model. The wheels might of came in handy for moving. Other than that I didn’t see much difference but was going to buy this one. Oh well. I’m not in total need right now of a ladder anyway maybe I’ll wait for the woot off. :slight_smile: