Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

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Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
Price: $169.99 - 199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Apr 25 to Wednesday, Apr 30) + transit
Condition: New


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4/14/2014 - $169.99 - 199.9 - 41 comment(s)
12/2/2013 - $159.99-189.99 (Woot-off) - 53 comment(s)
11/25/2013 - $169.99-199.99 - 22 comment(s)

Limit 3 per customer? How am I supposed to build a fort with THREE ladders???

?? I thought woot-offs were supposed to be discounted items. This is the SAME price as the regular woot “deal” last week!

At least thats what woot-offs were originally.

What good is a fort without friends. Get them to buy ladders too!

that was before amazon. now it’s all about profits.

Pfffffft. We’ve always been about profits.

I bought the 22 foot one years ago,long before Woot had them.For me it was the best investment in a ladder I had ever made.It is very strong,compared to other ladders I have used.I don’t remember what I paid,but I do know it was more then Woot is asking.Buy one,you will not be disappointed.

You can get the same thing, same price but 4 easy payments on QVC. Plus a video demonstration.

This has become Woot’s new Roomba. It is always on their site.

I’m sure it will be on Tools & Garden later today.

lol. good point

Here’s the QVC for the 22’. Significantly more.$uslarge$

How about some bad Photoshop Theater.

I’ve done a quick and dirty (and I see some booboos so deal with them) clean up of the ladder on to a transparent background.

Use Paint or your favorite program to put this ladder where you would least expect it.

I’ll get to work on mine.
The Ladder

Love my Little Giant. I have the Model 17, I think, but with the same basic design as this. One of my favorite tools, and by far the most versatile.

I’d pay attention to the maximum weight, though, since it’s your weight AND whatever you’re carrying.

You thought wrong. Woot-off items have ALWAYS been priced the same as their their normal woot price. Well, I shouldn’t say always because there’s always exceptions, but normally they are just offered again at the same price. Woot-off items are normally just a second chance to get that thing you passed on when it was sold before.

Was there a ladder in this photo???

Not years ago when Woot! was somewhat new. Sorry Ive been around here for a while and I’ve seen things man … things you can’t unsee!

I’m that good.

:meh: Ditto, man. Ditto.