Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

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Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
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Great reviews at

I never really had a good feeling about climbing a ladder until I bought the little giant. I thought I would start with the 17 and work my way up to the taller ladders or leave that part to professionals.

Nevertheless, the safety features of the 17 helped me to feel very safe. It’s very stable and that flair at the top and bottom of the ladder gives the ladder a solid grip on both the ground on which it is standing and the building on which it is leaning. I use to call a contractor to clean out my gutters, which would cost me about $200 but now I do it myself in one afternoon…even though I had screen caps installed on my gutters. A safe solid ladder, you should try it!

How tall is the maximum height of the ladder when it is shaped like a “A”?

They tell you 17 or 22, which appears to be the full length when extended, but to me the big issue is how tall it is standing in the middle of the room. Kinda odd they don’t list that with specs?

They do list that in the specs… it’s called “Step Ladder Height”

One of the best tool/improvement purchases I ever made. Use my little giant regularly. From small to large jobs there always seems to be a good use for this thing. Can’t recommend enough.

FYI, the scaffolding configuration does NOT require 2 ladders as indicated in the photo. it is assembled by removing the 2 telescoping sections and connecting them together using the latches. this is shown in the video. i have one of these (17 footer from 2009 for $135) and love it. use it all the time and have never had a problem with it. considering buying the longer model.

Ah, makes sense on reflection - thanks!

What a WONDERFUL ladder!!! BUT a little on the HEAVY side.

I am confused. The max weight of the ladder is 250 but the add on platform is 300. The platform seems to just hang on the ladder. So how does it have a greater capacity than the ladder?

I have the Werner version of the 22 foot ladder (HD - $149 with no platform or wheels) and it is great. I have to agree with a previous comment that these are heavy! But you can’t beat them for flexibility.

What does “step ladder height” actually mean? I need my head about 11 feet above the floor in order to replace a ceiling fan in my bedroom (the ceiling is raised there to a ridiculous height). If I’m 5’8", I calculate I need to be on a step that’s about 5 1/3 feet about the floor. Would the smaller, lighter by 10 pounds, ladder work for that? It says the step ladder height is 4-7 feet, so I assume this would work, but I don’t know.

Picked one up on Amazon a few days ago on their deal of the day gold box thing for $198. Found this helpful(From amazon questions):
Q: can you make it into scaffold?
A: Yes it can, but you need to purchase the trestle brackets, Little Giant item number 26044 is available and work with this model.

same exact price with shipping and TX tax as the Little Giant Site (father’s day sale)

But, i think i’ll give my money to woot!

[MOD: Thank you! Ours includes the $30 wheel kit!]

Any idea how this compares with the Little Giant Velocity model that was on sale at Amazon recently?

Per the Little Giant site:

The movable Work Platform fits on any Little Giant ladder rung and is rated to support up to 300 pounds of anything from paint to people. Our unique design allows it to tuck away when not needed yet easily moves into place with your foot when desired.

Well, I just bought the bigger one. $218 with tax. We’ll see how it works when it gets here.

I love mine. I have the M-22 version. It’s a bit heavy, but very sturdy.

You can use the extensions even when it is in A-frame (step ladder) alignment. So if you leave them all the way in, it is 4 feet high, and if you pull them out, it is 7 feet high, and of course there are a few stops in between.