Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

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Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
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4/14/2015 - $179.99 - 204.9 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (3 comments)

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Amazingly useful in it’s “you-gotta-be-crappin’-me” configuration.

Comments from a previous offer

now THIS is a quality product. I’m still using my Little Giant ladder, that has a build date of Nov 1979.
Its had a rough life and may not be so pretty anymore: but it’s just as sturdy as when it was new.

My experience also but, the ladder is now made in China.

Every time this comes up I post how great it is and how it’s heavy but not THAT heavy, and it’s like two ladders and incredibly versatile and all that.

I’m not going to do that this time.

"Every time this comes up I post how great it is and how it’s heavy but not THAT heavy, and it’s like two ladders and incredibly versatile and all that. "

It’s very heavy, not real stable, feet will slip on concrete, steps are half the width of a regular ladder … BUT … I still like and use this ladder because it has it’s uses. But I wouldn’t want it as a primary ladder.

What is your primary ladder then?

I have to disagree with those saying it’s heavy. It’s not difficult for one person to carry…and if for some reason you cant carry it, it has handy dandy wheels to just pull it along. This ladder is awesometown imo!

I bought the M-22 and have regretted it! It turns out that at 5 foot 6, I’m too short to raise the ladder to its full height. I wish I’d bought the 17 instead. But, it’s a great ladder. I love the functionality!

That’s too bad that they’re made in China now. A believe they were manufactured at their Utah headquarters (may be wrong) for a long time. My wife is related to the company founder who passed away a few years back. I wonder if his passing had an impact on the country of manufacture. They could have switched before he passed, but I’m not sure.

I can never decide between the two sizes and I certainly don’t need two of these.

I’ve got the Revolution Model 26, and let me tell you…THAT is one heavy efin’ ladder. And you DO have to be around 6’ tall feel comfortable operating it. All of these ladders are best used by people who’re a few inches taller than its min folded height.

5’ for the M-22…at 5’-8" it’s a handful. But watch the video, because there’s a technique that “optimizes” how much reach you can get all by yourself. I’m not much taller than you and I can operate my M-22 pretty much all by myself.

Another thing that the video notes that isn’t readily apparent…with the Alta One and Classic models…You actually can set your ladder up as TWO entirely separate small a-frame ladders w/o any additional pieces (it uses the work platform as a cross brace to add rigidity). With their Revolution ladder, you actually need an additional piece of equipment to join the legs together.

Another little factoid that took me a year to figure out w/o looking at the video…the work platform stores very neatly between the legs when the ladder is folded up. It’s actually a very tidy little arrangement.

Here’s the technique video I was talking about.

A note to Woot!..that little caption you have in the picture showing the scaffolding configuration is a LIE.

The scaffolding configuration only requires ONE Alta-One ladder and a plank. The Alta-One outer-legs slide off of the inner legs, and attach to each other. Then the included work platform braces the pieces together to add rigidity.

IMO, it’s worth correcting because it incorrectly implies that you need to purchase TWO ladders to make that work. You DO NOT need to purchase TWO ladders. You have all you need with just ONE ladder and whatever flat plank you happen to have lying around. Watch the video and it’ll be clear.

The m-17 is a great size for indoor jobs. Tall enough to get you up to 9’ ceilings. If you’re considering this for your outdoor ladder i’d only consider it if you live in a ranch style arrangement.

My personal rule is to have at least one ladder tall enough to get me onto my roof, and one for indoor use. I had the m-22 as my single do-all ladder for a while. But it only got me up to roof height on one side of the house. Not a deal breaker, really, and worked quite well. But I use my ladders so much now I decided it’d be worth it for me to have more than one of these around So this year I switched to having an M-17 and an m-26. Sold the m-22 to get it, and have just been waiting for another sale. Just ordered the m-17…yay! So much easier to maneuver the m-17 indoors vs the m-26.