Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

**Item: **Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
Price: $169.99
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Finally, a 22 ladder.

Prices and info for both ladders on Amazon

Let’s learn all about the warranty

Nearly perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at The O

Don’t forget the work platform and wheelkit are included.

Work platform $35.66 (Amazon)

Retrofit wheelkit $26.99 (Amazon)

I bought a little giant xl last year because it fits in my little infinity ex. I paid 300 and it was worth every penny. Ladders take up a LOT of space and having one is invaluable. To not take up a lot of space is great. These are light and well made. The wheels aren’t all that much of a help because they don’t roll at a good angle. But this is worth it. However, I’d buy the XL again. The foot rest is nice as is the handle bar on the XL

I use these every day professionally, as well as the heavier model. These things weigh a ton, but they last forever in a light construction environment, and if I have a quick service call, I can toss the 22 in the back of the Elantra (with the seats down) and still have room for tools.

I can’t imagine not having half a dozen of these.

Bought the 17’ one last year. It has been a great ladder and has reached almost everything i’ve needed it to. I have cleaned my gutters multiple times with it.
Only time it wasn’t quite high enough was to put a bat house on a tree in my back yard. I think if the 22’ would have been available I would have gone for that. But who knows, it might be a lot harder to manage than the 17’. I have really enjoyed how compact and easy to use this ladder is.

I have had the 22’ one for over 2 yrs. and used it almost every day in the roofing industry. Buy this ladder, you won’t be disappointed.

I bought the 22 when I moved into my 2 story house 6 years ago. it is a good ladder and has lasted well. BUT, it is really, really heavy and awkward to set up. It takes two people to extend it and get it up on the side of the house (I often wish I just had an extention ladder for quick jobs). Once up, it is great, solid and secure.

My harbor freight had a sale on these a few weeks ago. Granted, it didn’t come with the platform and some of the other minimally useful features this has, but it is basically identical to the 17’ one here.

I paid $110 for it with a 25% off coupon. Worth every penny.

Before you take the plunge (sry) look @ the weight of these ladders because these get a bit heavy for some people/purposes

Do any persons of unusually large statures have experience with these? Let’s say I am over the recommended weight limit, how much fudge room is there?

I just did some, minor, research on Little Giant’s website on their model numbers… So according to Woot the model number is the Alta One 14016-009 for the M22. However, on Little Giants website - the model numbers that they have is Alta One 14016-001… whatever no biggie. [url/]

But, when you reference the Alta One page ([url/] the list price for the Alta One M22 is not 379… rather 316… granted the mark down is still lower on Woot at 199.99 vs the 259.99…

Same specs… same everything… Except for the decal stickers on the side.

Still, its kinda deceiving. No chocolate pudding for you tonight, Woot…

I done gooffedd… didnt add the wheel and platform kit… I guess the Chocolate pudding is on me tonight!

I got the 22’ classic one from the mothersip(amazon) for $229 I think a few months back. Looks exactly the same but the wheels came already attached. Kinda of heavy but it has been a great help. My house was being built so used it to run my wires and sound insulation and a ton of other things. After moving in used it to put speakers , blinds, fans. But, I also saw the contractors using the Werner brand ladders(they have the same design) and are much cheaper.

It’s not fair to compare the Harbor Freight knockoff to the original, is it? I own a lot of HF products. They trade off quality for lower price and often that works out OK. Often the products are total junk and are nearly disposable. In a ladder where my neck is at stake, I’ll pay a few more bucks for my safety.

If you need to pinch a few more pennies, check Costco, they sometimes carry LG ladders and sometimes have specials at odd times, but they don’t include accessories like the ones here.

I get so excited each day to see what Woot has to offer. Not once has that excitement been sent over the top by a ladder.