Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

**Item: **Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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10/10/2013 - $169.99-199.99 - 48 comment(s)

the theme for today’s woot-off is “high ticket items nobody wants, offered at a time when everyone’s a little nervous about spending their reserves because all of the news media tells us there’s a market crash coming in the next couple of weeks.”

Costco’s latest coupon book shows the M17 at 139.99. Their site shows it at $10 more. Not sure why.®-MegaLite™-Multi-purpose-Ladder-with-Wheels.product.11681334.html

Yeah, $149 shipped.

I was at Costco on Sunday… its 139.99 there.

yes you got that right. I miss the old Woot. I don’t buy nearly as much from them since.

They actually increased the price for some tire inflators in the woot-off over what they sold for last week. The old bargains are very few and far between.

Costco ladder is 15’ and has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Not sure which one to get. Woot’s 17’, 250lbs capacity and work platform worth the extra $40ish?

Of course, not everyone has a Costco near them. And those that do, may not have a membership. :tongue:

Hmmmmm didn’t I just see these?

Wouldn’t a market crash destroy the value of the dollar? In other words…SPEND PEOPLE! SPEND WHILE YOUR MONEY IS STILL WORTH SOMETHING!!

Weird, same model number

I bought one of these about two weeks ago on sale…about the same price (maybe a little more) as this one. I bought the 17 and it’s a FANTASTIC ladder! I’m still finding new ways to use it. I wish, however, that I would have bought the 22 instead.

True enough; while you’re paying $35 for the privilege of getting it from Woot instead of Costco if you have a membership and can walk in, the non member surcharge on is $9.95, meaning ordering here is only paying $15 extra for the privilege of getting it from Woot instead of Costco.

I can’t imagine why the “number left” bar is going down so slowly.

Ladder tip #48: Never leave your ladder where you cat can get to it.

The Costco version doesn’t have the work platform. That is worth about $35 if I remember right.

Costco = $150 shipped
Woot = $175 shipped with extra hardware.

Thanks Woot, I was really hoping you had the 22’ today. I was planning on missing the WootOff, but something told me to randomly check in. I have bought a lot more than I should have.

Thanks for offering this one up. With fall here I will need this to get the leaves off my roof and gutters.

Have the big one (for many years). It’s nifty keen for many reasons. Mostly I use it (vs a regular ladder) for outdoor Christmas lights. Hubby has more uses. Only reason I don’t use it more often is the sucker is heavy (and I’m just a wee little female) I slip back to my little ol 5’ wooden thing that is probably a death trap, it’s that old. Anyway…buy one!