Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes
Price: $159.99 - $189.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New


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Just saying…

Missed this deal when it was $20 more last week, but before it had the Plus sale w/ accessories. I jumped on it this time though. This should work great for getting jobs done in the new house!

EDIT: For clarification, the M22 was $20 more last week. The other one is $10 off from before.

I wouldn’t exactly say I have a fear of heights, but that pic made me cringe.

Mom and her husband were in town for Thanksgiving and helped us take Christmas out of the box. They liked my little giant making it an easy Christmas gift decision. Just dropped them off at the airport this morning and now see the ladders on Woot! - Great timing.

Looks safe to me! (You’re not with OHSA are you?)

TT - but do you trust your co-workers.

Can Amazon deliver this to me by drones within 30 minutes? If not, no deal.

Damn, I should have waited a couple days and saved $10.

Bought the smaller one a few woots back for my new house and love it so far.

Simple to configure and feels secure under me. Only complaint would be the steps are a little narrow compared to many other ladders but that is so minor compared to the utility of this thing.

Hey you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. That pictures good to me as long as that board is held in by the lip on the ladder it’s a go for me! Anyway, nice price on these, had I of not just picked up the 22’ werner with fatboy capacity (300# load limit) for $125 on friday, I’d be on this.

Wow! $125 is a deal! My husband really wants one of these, though…

The rungs look a little small to be comfortable standing on it for a long period of time. Anyone have experience with this that can comment on that?

That is one strong dude!

Disappointingly, I think the weight limit on their drones is set to be 5lbs.

I have both of these (from previous events). One thing that you should be aware of: these (especially the larger) are well built, thus heavy. When they are fully extended they are, frankly, a bear to get into position.

You get a much more flexible tool for this price, as compared to a standard extension ladder. However, my thoughts are that a regular extension ladder is easier for just getting from down here to up there.

Okay…this officially stinks. I bought one a few days back for $10 more. I guess the lesson learned is, if you’re not in a hurry to get something, do not buy from WOOT during the entire month of November…wait for CyberMonday to save a few more bucks. Thanks, Woot.

…wait. That looks like my house last year when my family wanted lights up on the house. Glad I had to be called into work that day. Wink wink nudge nudge know whaddah mean?

Been seeing these pop up on woot for years, finally decided to get an M-22. Getting up on the roof will be much easier, and probably safer!