Little Giant Alta One Ladder - Two Sizes

Still not as bad as the ladder I saw up in a tree.

It’s things like this that keep first responders in business.

Anyone know how the M22 compares to the Werner’s? HD has a special on the Werner version of the M22 for only $125 right now…

orrr… maybe the womens get the mens to take out high paying life insurance then get them to do things like this. :wink:

just sayin. :wink:

That’s why she forced me to get good life insurance, when I’m completely healthy and still young.

HA! You’re on to us!

I haven’t compared the two, but a quick glance at the specs indicate the Werner is 47 lbs–8 pounds heavier than the M-22. The weight of these ladders is a complaint, so be aware of that.

Other than that the M-22 comes with the wheel kit and work platform. Don’t think the Werner includes those.

Kinda had a feeling most Wooters would not know what to do with one of these.

Well, my M22 hasn’t arrived (ordered a few days ago and spent $20 more - dang it!), but my neighbor has the Werner version.

I’ve borrowed it a couple of times and that thing is HEAVY. It’s not so terrible to carry around, but trying to raise it up when it is fully extended is tough. I was afraid I was going to put it through a window.

The weight alone is what dissuaded me from buying one. I’m hoping the Little Giant is more manageable.

Pfffffft. It’s the cats you have to worry about.

This item belongs on the Tools/Garden section…its basically turned me off from even watching this site for any deals…good job Woot. Since I’ve been awake (east coast…up at 5:30) there have been two TV’s (you know the popular type of items for a special sale type of day) on woot. One sold out before I could get there and the other was some sneaky nonsense. You guys can do better than that…

We always sell a mix of items on Woot - it’s the deal of the day we want to highlight or the deals we want to show during a woot-off.

TVs are ridiculously hard to be competitive during the holiday shopping time now but we’re trying.

A time limit, on stuff like this, would be nice. This has been up for 2+ hours, now.

This ladder is totally killing my desire to watch the WootOff today (As have the last couple of items….). It’s becoming a waste of time!

The beauty of a WootOff is the changing selection.
These Woots are all lasting WAYYYYYYY too long and monitoring the site isn’t very fun. Cut it off for goodness sake and put some things on that aren’t going to take 2 hours to clear!!!
Just my opinion……

Well, I ordered this a week ago and it hasn’t shipped yet, maybe I should cancel that order and order this one,I could save $10

Well I just got the Lowes 17ft Friday for $99.00. Very happy with it. Not too heavy, you just have to know how to move/extend a ladder correctly.

Now I wish I had waited but still satified

I’m sure I will eventually want a ladder, but not right now. I probably won’t want one in another two hours, when this is finally gone, either.

As if there weren’t enough problems with Woot lately, now the ENTIRE friggin’ morning has to be dedicated to this ladder??? Why do I bother coming here?

We sometimes keep the larger items up for a longer because people need a bit of time to think about it. If you look at the chart above, it’s still selling.

So slow, what a downer ( up and downer ) Way to start off the holidays woot. I will check in around 11:pm CST to see if the the ladders are still not selling