Little Giant Alta-One Ladder w Cargo Hold

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Little Giant Alta-One Ladder w Cargo Hold
Price: $179.99 - 199.99
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If it would actually reach 22 ft, I might be in for one. It won’t, so I’m not.

I’ll never really understand why a 15 ft ladder is called 17 ft and a 19 ft ladder is called 22 ft. I only care how tall the ladder actually is. Extension overlap and such is of no relevance whatsoever to the buyer so shouldn’t be included in length.

Yes, I know all the other ladder companies do it, but it’s just plain dumb. I already need to buy a ladder that reaches a few feet above the height I need to go, to account for the slope and so that the ladder will extend above where I need to climb to, and yet ladders are rated as taller than they can actually reach, so I need to add yet another 2-3 feet on top of the already-increased estimate in order to even know which models to start looking at.

I have one of these and it works ok.

really heavy
challenging to adjust alone, but doable
adjustment (which you must do nearly every time you open it up) may result in finger pinches. Ouch!

lots of fun accessories

So if I had to do it all over again, I might just get a non-adjustable aluminum ladder that weighed less. Or two different sized ladders. Probably would still be cheaper.

Your ability to adjust these on your own is partially dependent on how tall you are in comparison to the height of the hinge. If your arms can reach roughly the midpoint of the upper half of the ladder in its straight configuration, you should have no problems working the ladder provided you adhere to the techniques in their instructional video. I’m 5’-8" and have no problem with their M22 alta-one model. My SO is 4-11" and she can only work the m-17 by herself. I have the m26 extreme too, which is heavy as heck, and too tall for me to safely operate by myself in some configurations. We’d have been better off getting a traditional extension ladder for that 3rd floor roofline. Technique makes a big difference, so like I mentioned, if you haven’t seen them, you could glean some pointers from the instructional video. One thing that surprised me was that the alta one design could be configured as a scaffold support with no additional accessories (although the work platform does add rigidity as the spreader). The models with the speed hinges actually require additional accessories to provide the same function (with additional ruggedness though). The alta-one is definitely the best value in their lineup

Bought one of these probably ten years ago on woot. as a stepladder that I keep in my basement or in my shed it’s really fantastic as it’s easy to carry in and out, and then extend.
using it in a few configurations you can get close to a wall etc. every handy.
I don’t think I ever use this as an extension ladder, I’ve been up enough extension ladders to know this isn’t one.

You must love cookware and kitchen storage sets that count the lids.

If there is a down side to this ladder it’s the RETURN PROCESS.

The cost and aggravation of returning something this huge will cure anyone from purchasing any thing like this again.

That’s why I would purchase a ladder locally. Wrong size, malfunction no problem exchange it in a few minutes.

Wow! It’s really heavy and it’s really weak?! Where do I sign up?

Type 1, 250 pounds for you and your “cargo”. Never let it be said that you didn’t do the least you could do.

Does anyone know how these are sent? Could one surmise the contents by reading the box in which it’s shipped? My VW hatchback is probably too small to transport so I’d prefer to have woot send directly to the intended, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

That’s annoying, but at least you actually do get the lids, and cookware without lids is less useful/valuable than cookware with lids. In the case of the extra ladder length, which is just the completely unusable overlap between sections, it adds nothing.

It bugged me so much years ago that the first ladder I ever bought was a 16 ft, 4-section folding ladder because it’s, you know ACTUALLY 16 feet long (making it taller than the “17 ft” ladder in this Woot when fully extended).

Anyway, I think the 19 ft long “22 ft” ladder in this Woot wouldn’t be quite enough of an improvement to be worth it for me.

I also wonder, how badly do these flex when fully extended? Even my 16 ft ladder has a noticeable (and slightly troubling) amount of flex, and it’s 1A (300 LB) rated versus 250 LB.

Edit: Nevermind on the previous edit. I made the mistake of believing what the HD site said instead of looking at the manufacturer site. We could really use some truth in advertising from all ladder manufacturers/sellers.

Just looked on W’s web site. They do the same thing. If one does, they all have to. It’s a vicious cycle.

P.S. Look at the specs like any self-respecting shopper would.

The problem was that the HD site actually said:

It’s apparently all lies since the manufacturer says different :-/

Still my current 16 ft ladder really is 16 ft (because it’s multi-folding, non-telescoping).

Just purchased 22’ a few weeks ago and now they have the same ladder at same price with a cargo hold. Hey woot, I like free stuff, how can I get my carog hold?

I ordered one a few years ago… if you send it directly to the person, there’s no surprise. Kinda hard to hide that thing.

These things are heavy, so I tend to adjust the size as much as possible before folding it out wide open. The center joint does have some flex in it, maybe a inch or two. I really hate ladders so this joint bothers me some, but I don’t think it is a really big deal. On mine, each joint has 2 really beefy pins.

Now, what I want to see is they make one of the ends open without rungs so that no side stepping is required to use it.

Does anyone know how these are sent? Could one surmise the contents by reading the box in which it’s shipped? My VW hatchback is probably too small to transport so I’d prefer to have woot send directly to the intended, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Not looking to surprise them with the fact I’ve sent them a gift but I don’t want them knowing what’s in the box. I’m hoping woot sends this in their own container so the words “Little Giant” aren’t immediately visible to person receiving it.

IIRC, there’s definitely markings on the box indicating that it is a little giant product…besides the fact that it is ladder-shaped. that being said…you should have no issues putting it in a vw hatchback with the rear seat down. it is, after all, collapsible by design.