Little Giant Alta One Ladder

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Little Giant Alta One Ladder
Price: $199.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
6/25/2014 - $199.99 (Woot-off) - 7 comment(s)
6/24/2014 - $199.99 (Woot-off) - 4 comment(s)

Time to check out the product page

Really good reviews at home depot:

… but I think not quite the same model?

Amazon users seemed to like it

Drats… I was hoping these would come up again, but I need the 22 foot one, not the 18 footer. Curse you woot gods!

This is one of those products that makes people (people like me) feel good about buying one. I’ve always had a fear about climbing up a ladder. While this ladder did not completely remove my phobia, it did relax it a lot, making me feel relatively safe using a ladder.

I bought the 17 foot Little Giant a few years ago and now feel like an old pro on a ladder. I still have someone holding the ladder for me when I’m on it…that would be my son who is a little bigger than his Dad.

Not too much about this ladder that can be said which hasn’t been said before. It’s well constructed and built to last a life time, it’s very safe, comes with extras and is featured here at a great price. Most importantly it comes with a warranty…a lifetime warranty! Just about time for me to buy a 22.

Comments from November’s sale

I have the 17’ as well, and while it’s perfect for indoor and light outdoor work, I find I wish I had something a bit larger at times.

If you’re in the market, this is a fantastic ladder and an even better value with the wheel kit.

This is the M-22, so I’m pretty sure that means it’s the 22 foot model. Unless I’m reading it wrong.

Nevermind. That is the “work platform” weight limit.

If you want a ladder that can do anything for short periods of time this ladder will work well for you. But if you’re looking for a ladder that you can spend hours on painting or doing other work get a good, normal step fiberglass ladder. The steps on this ladder are thin and will hurt your feet after a very short time. I never realized how much a difference the wide step of a normal step ladder makes till you stand on one of these for a while. If you do use this ladder wear boots or other very strong soled shoes to minimize the pain. Don’t even think about using sneakers.

I’ve had the 17’ for 16 years. I use it as a home inspector. A few years ago, I calculated that I’ve opened and closed it 14,000 times. I’ve had to repair a couple of the plastic trim pieces, but I wouldn’t consider any other ladder.

I think the 22’ is a great ladder for someone who only wants one ladder and has a high vaulted ceiling or high roof eave. It replaces step ladders and most long ladders. I have 5 ladders of all types and sizes but my Little Giant is my go-to ladder. Great deals on Woot have gotten tougher to find since Amazon took over but this one is awfully tempting.

this thing is HEAVY, I purchased a few months ago on Woot.

I don’t own this ladder, I own a competitor’s ladder, bought at the “big orange machine’s” local store. It has the same height/load-bearing spec, but it does weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of eight pounds more, so ‘heavy’ is relative.

I got my ladder for ~$120 around Black Friday 2013, but it doesn’t have a work tray/platform, nor does it have wheels which would help slightly alleviate the issue of weight - at least until you try to put it into place anyhow. :slight_smile:

As far as a deal goes, it’s PROBABLY closing in on being fair. If you want super-cheap, this probably isn’t THE best you can do for price on a adjustable ladder, but it will likely be more feature-rich.


I purchased this back around fathers day from Woot, same kit.
Excellent, I wish I purchased years ago!
Can’t beat it for the price.

Specs on woot and the little giant website say extension ladder 10 to 18 feet. Unfortunately M22 is just the model and is not a reference to the max height .

Actually M22 does refer to height. This is considered their 22’ model. 22’ refers to the maximum working height you can get from the ladder. In extension mode the highest rung you can stand on is 15’ 6" from the ground. The assumption is even the shortest adult human has a reach of 6.5’, thus giving you a working height of 22’ or better.

These ladders are terrific, although the M22 is a little heavy to cart around if you’re on a surface that isn’t paved and can’t use the wheels.

Another comment about the thin rungs is true, they are uncomfortable for extended periods, but that is the beauty of the the work platform. You can put that on whatever step you need to work from and stand on it. It’s much more comfortable that any rung no matter how wide.

No this is a Alta One model the max extension height is 19ft with a load max of 250 on the ladder and 300 on the platform. Right now you can get it for $259 on the site so it is still a good deal, but the newer models are better than this one.


One of my favorite Woot purchases ever… This ladder can do it all. It’s almost perfect for working on uneven places (I wonder when they’ll develop the technology to make just 1 leg a little longer though). Once I even put one side on the ground and flipped the other side up onto a 45 degree pitch roof to paint a gable end side wall.

It’s a little tricky to use as a 22 foot straight ladder. Unlike your normal extension ladder, you have to put this up all at it’s full length… Impossible alone and even tricky with help.