Little Giant Boost Adjustable Stepladder



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That first comment has nothing to do with ladders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Little Giants are the best ladders I’ve ever owned. This little one would be nice for that in between the ladder and step-stool size, but I think it’s much too small for “painting the roof” as suggested in woot!'s blurb.

One of the really cool features of Little Giants is that you can set up one side lower than the other for those odd placement situations (e.g. one side on the porch, other on the ground.)

Decent deal, but doesn’t scream out Must Buy. Costco always has one size or another on sale for similar prices–albeit, I haven’t seen these little ones before. Woot! Launch?


Very Nice. I like it. Too bad, I got a similar model, cheaper at Home Despot … on sale (for a little bit less) …


I’m shipping Honor X James now.



This looks like a Little Giant Select Step with a few pieces missing. The select step has wheels, an adjustable work tray, and comes in different sizes, including 4-6’ (like this one), 5-8’ and 6-10’. The Select Step 4-6’ is currently $159 at Amazon. At a glance, all the other specs look the same. I’ve never seen anything similar from any other ladder manufacturer. Check the weight before you buy though, this is heavier than a typical step ladder.

I love my Select Step 5-8’. Even though it’s a little heavy, it’s still the best step ladder I’ve ever owned.


This model is rated for 300 pounds.

Will this ladder reach a 12 foot height?? I really need a 12 foot Little Giant at a good Price.


I already own a version of this. MUCH heavier than a ladder the same size is more like it. It weighs a ton but it s really sturdy. If you can locate the shelf that is an accessory for it, that shelf is really useful. Bigger and sturdier than what it on the top of a typical home aluminum ladder. You an also use the shelf to stand on if you are going to be standing in one place a while. Easier on your feet…


I love my full size Little Giant and would bite in a minute for the Select Step 4-6 @$99 but, as noted, this is missing the useful wheels and platform.

To get those, $159 at either Mother Amazon or Little Giant direct.

OK. Called LG. This not a select step but a Boost. $129 at their site. No wheels, no air platform but also a different ladder. The features described at the web site are intriguing, especially the comfort step and larger rungs.

I think I’m gonna give it a try.

Incidentally, is the site, if you type it without the “s” you get their blue and orange commercial site which doesn’t have the Boost line.


you said the magic word (cheaper)you will get what you pay fore


This is a stepladder-only one; it doesn’t fold out into a onesy or whatever. I have a 22-foot Werner and all I can say is it was a big relief when I got gifted with a 6-foot fiberglass stepladder - there are times when you just don’t want to be juggling the weight of a full-size collapsible!


Just throwing out a warm fuzzy for Little Giant and Woot…

I got the Little Giant Alta-One 17’ ladder during a Home.Woot Woot Off a couple weeks back for $160, and it is turning out to be the purchase of the year.

The Little Giant is amazing. Really, I haven’t felt this way since ‘Funkytown’. Solid construction and it can do anything. I had it out for full extension over the weekend to get on the roof, and no problems. And the collapsable platform, is nothing short of genius. Great product, and a great price Woot (5 bucks shipping really hits the spots on this one).


This is a very safe ladder to own and use.
And Not Too Heavy! They are Safe!

On more than one occasion I have been working in a persons house and when I stated, Be right back I have to go get my ladder, sometimes they would reply, “I have one right here you can use.” After taking a look at the “Light-Weight” and dangerously flimsy thing they called a ladder I would (without insulting them) say, thanks but the company does not allow us to use other equipment so I have to use mine. So, ignore those that are saying this is a heavy ladder. AT 22.5 lbs, it is not! It is made to hold without folding, crashing, or otherwise malfunctioning up to 300 lbs. It is built more like an industrial use ladder and of course that is going to weigh in more than the flimsy deathtraps that many have in their house. Think about it some, if you are going to be getting yourself off the ground by several feet, the added safety more than out weighs the small amount of added weight of the ladder. I own another model that is 5’8" and it ways in about 5 lbs more. My 5’ 4" 110 lb wife manages it just fine. When we first got it she did say it weighed more than she thought it would. I asked her to fold it open and step up on it. She did and said, “yeah, I like this much better.” Heck, her pocket book probably ways as much as the ladder. lol Truthfully, a bag of groceries with canned goods in it could easily out weigh this ladder. So if you can get the groceries from your cat to inside your home, you can manage this ladder. Anyway, this is an excellently made product that can get the job done and save you a trip to the emergency room at the same time. If you are using one of those thin 8 lb wonders, get rid of it before you get hurt and get something that is safe.

This is a good price on a very well made ladder that will last you for years. It is about $50 less than what I paid for mine but as I said, mine is one model and size up from this. After owning and using a “little giant”. Recognize they are close to industrial strength and some extra weight should be expected. They do weigh more than their cheaply made and dangerous counterparts. So a true statement would be, they weigh more than commonly found cheap ladders but are far safer and while they do have some heft, they are very manageable.

I would buy again in a heartbeat.


I have returned to make the usual comment about these amazing ladders.

They are Made in America!


Now that is a Quality Post!

Thanks for your review. Much appreciated. It’s posts like this that convince me to buy (or not to buy) a product. In for 1 … thanks again!


FYI- is not their website. It’s a “buy this domain name” page. However, if you go to, you’ll get the site referenced above. (If you go to, you get the commercial site.)

Edit: Here is the ladder that Woot is selling today.


It appears so far Woot does not agree with you but thank you very much. You will be happy (and safer) with it. Also, after using it, you will never step up on one of those crappy ladders again. The little extra weight you will carry will be what is holding you up and not letting you fall to the floor.


Says it was new but had boot princess. Put a blacklight on it OMG!!! THIS THING IS GOING BACK NOW!!! No joke either.


Did you contact the manufacturer for a replacement or