Little Giant Boost Adjustable Stepladder

**Item: **Little Giant Boost Adjustable Stepladder
Price: $74.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
12/3/2012 - $99.99 - 0 comment(s)

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I own a window coverings company…these are far better for measuring and installs then simple step stools…in for 2.

Refurbished…ladder. Um, a Blu-ray player crashing is one thing, a ladder is another.

does it come with the utility deck /?

Came to post this. Why stand on the shoulders of giants, when you can stand on somebody else’s warranty issue?

The same ladder is available at the Little Giant Outlet Store for essentially the same price, $80 with free shipping:

Except their ladder isn’t “factory reconditioned”, or at least isn’t identified as such.

Nope, it’s “factory reconditioned” as well. If only I could read.

Air deck included right?

I have one of these (Woot has had them before and if I recall correctly there were a bunch of comments). They are really heavy however they are also easy to configure, are solid and useful. I have one platform. Wish I had two (one to stand on and one to put stuff on). Since there are big heavy bars that go through holes to keep things in place I’d say off hand it would be unlikely this would “slip”/come apart on you. Not sure what would need to be “reconditioned” unless something got bent/dented because the design is pretty bombproof - at least I have never had any trouble with mine.

I do not think air deck is included they are 30$ at amazon

mkta, I looked at the page you referenced:
and don’t see where it says “factory-reconditioned” (perhaps I can’t read, either). The site does say they offer “certified returns, demos, and overstock”. In this case I think the boost ladders offered on that site are closeouts, because I can’t find them on the main website at all, which leads me to the question as to why they are discontinued. They currently have 399 left to sell on their outlet site (just go to the main webpage,, where all their models are listed, to see the current quantity available), and only about 20 of any other model (almost everything is already sold out). On that site it’s $5 more, but it’s got a “limited lifetime warranty” vs. the 1-year warranty offered by Woot. Also, there you’re buying direct from the manufacturer, so no dealing with a middleman. Both sites offer free shipping. Finally, depending on where you live, there’s the tax issue. I get charged tax by Amazon, which will more than make up for the $5 difference. On the other site you only get charged tax if you live in Utah.

Sorry, Woot, you’ve offered some GREAT deals in the past, but I don’t think this is one of them. Please tell me why I should buy this ladder from you instead of directly from the manufacturer.

Under features it lists the Air Deck being included but it is not listed under what’s in the box. Can someone from Woot confirm that the Air Deck is part of the deal?

Think about it this way. Some poor guy already fell off the ladder they are selling and died… now they have cleaned off his blood and are selling it again… what are the odds of two people dying on the same ladder? This is the perfect ladder its nearly death proof now.

I believe that the “AirDeck Portal” noted in Woot’s description is merely the orange top of the ladder. The “AirDeck Workstation” is what is seen in the video above, and that is extra. The “workstation” can be attached to the “portal”.

It’s been pre-disastered. Like Garp’s house.

Don’t see the point of buying this from Woot when I can get it from Little Giant who has to have a more liberal return policy.

I live in Texas so the total at checkout is 86.59 from woot! and 79.99 from the little giant outlet. Plus the outlet has a limited lifetime warranty instead of a year warranty.

The Boost is $149.99 on the regular Little Giant Ladders site here: