Little Giant Helium 17' Type 1 Ladder

Little Giant Helium 17' Type 1 Ladder

A monkey selling a ladder… C’mon

Picked up one of these in a previous woot. Sure it’s versatile but we’ve all pinched our fingers in it and boy, is it ever heavy!

Heavy is an understatement. These are built like tanks but they weigh about the same. I got mine from a big box store and after using it for a couple weeks I bought a much lighter Gorilla Ladder that immediately became my go-to. If you really need the versatility that the Little Giant ladders provide then they’re probably worth the trouble but for most people who just need a ladder to paint the higher parts of a room or change a high lightbulb this beast will become a burden quickly. Mine sits in the garage and waits for the one or two times a year I need to get on the roof of my house.

Many years ago (10+) I bought a 17 foot Cosco (yes, that’s the company) from Costco. This was before Costco granted their exclusive relationship with Little Giant. The Cosco has been a tank - heavy but durable.

Then over the holidays Home Depot was selling a Gorilla 22 footer with the wheels for $100. (I think about half price.) I campared its build quality to the 17 footer Little Giant sold by Costco for a 50% higher price of about $150, on sale. The Little Giant had plastic in key places where the Gorilla seemed much better built so I went with the 22 Gorilla.

Wow, what a difference that extra 5 feet makes for usability. I now rarely use my 17 footer Cosco. And collapsed, the 22 footer is not that much taller than the 17 footer… although, being taller, its legs flare out a bit more.