Little Giant Ladder and Accessories

We’ve seen some Little Giant Ladders before - but now we’ve got accessories. Who would like to go first and tell us about the ladders?

Anyone know if the accessories fit other-brand crazy adjustable ladders? I have one of the Werner ladders that goes from step ladder to extension and whatnot and I like the thought of the accessories, but don’t know if they’d fit my ladder…

I too have one of the Werner MT ladders, looking at Amazon several of the comments say they work with the Werner or other adjustable ladders, but there a few “it is not safe to do that” comments as well, but I think I’ll risk it, as not having a tool shelf is a pain, and the price here is good.

Wow, crummy discounts here. Just 4% and 10% in a couple cases? Pass.

these are quality ladders, we carry one on our fire engine just in case one of our roof, attic, or extension ladders wont fit. We trust it so, i feel safe to say you can too.

Wall rack is available from Amazon for $27.03 shipped.

Well, this sucks…

Anyone want to buy my 15 foot one, so I can buy this 22 foot one.

Bought a new house, need a longer ladder. Love my 15 foot one, but I don’t think I need 2 ladders.

This must be for an older version of the ladder as i do not see these accessories on their website, and the model does not show up either…
Any thoughts?

I’m with Doc. These discounts are truly not Woot worthy. Can we be assured that there will be an investigation and that someone will be held accountable?

I think probably not.

The Plus deals are select deals of product that we can’t sell on the main sites for various reasons like it being too niche or the small quantities available.

They’re generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping.

As always, we know our wooters are serious consumers and will hunt down the best price available. We expect no less of you.

Hope that helps. Happy shopping!

Cargo hold is $24.99 reg, work rack is $29.99 reg & platform is $39.99 reg. Sold separately those equal $94.97 at regular price- not $99.97 as is listed as the regular price in the “3 - accessory bundle”. Now that says 30% off & the final price is $70.00. But $70.00 is actually closer to 26% off when going buy the prices to purchase the same items separately. It also made no sense to ME that the 3 accessory bundle wouldn’t always be cheaper than buying the 3 separately - so I would expect it to automatically be LOWER than $94.97, all the time, since the only advantage to buying a bundle is to get it cheaper, which is why (I assume that when you buy the 3 separately on woot - they add up to $80 versus the $70 if you buy them as a set. I would assume that normally you’d be getting at least some discount for buying the bundle…maybe not - maybe little giant is stingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it is knitpicking as it does not change the final price - but I just didn’t see the math adding up right & had to check it for my OCD brain to be quiet. :slight_smile:

Was noted befoRe these ANSI type one ladders don’t hold you average american Prius tools. If they would get some type 2 or type 3 I might be interested. In the mean time you can get some Chinese crap that Dan actually support your eight for the same price is you go Costco brand.

Woot please get the little giant pro equipment for next time you sell these

Of courts you need two how else will you use the expandable scaffolding… wait a minute wtf woot where is a discount on my little giant expandable scaffolding?

The wall rack is availible on Home Depot’s website for $19.99+tax with free shipping. Best price I could find by far. Came out to $21.19 for me.

Platform is $29.99 at Amazon with free shipping.

perfect time to do this: DIY Bookshelves from Ladders

So is it little or is it giant? I’m so confused!

I paid $20 on a few months ago for the rack. I bought it with some other things and believe the shipping was low (can’t really remember). I just checked their site and don’t see the rack anymore, but this shows the rack can be found for around $20.

I bought this same ladder from about 4 months ago for $229 and one platform at $27.44 but I am a member and get free shipping and 5% cash back on my purchases; so, my deal was better. I bought the wall rack from for $20 but they don’t seem to have it any more. The rack seems okay except the Little Giant logo is a stick-on label that looks a bit cheap. I will research the best deal on the cargo attachable bag which I do not have and will decide if Woot! is offering a decent deal. I do want it though. I’ll let you know what I find out.