Little Giant Ladder and Accessories

So, I just bought things I didn’t plan to buy but figure I need so as to use my Little Giant Ladder in the most efficient and safest manner.
Purchased from
Cargo Hold $24.99
Project Tray $31.50
Shipped free by selecting the “Super Saver” shipping option
Purchased from
Leg Leveler $37.07
Wall Standoff $28.95
Free shipping plus 5% cash back ($3.15) to use on a future purchase
Other sites not only have the ladder but many more of the needed accessories. I have replaced all the light fixtures/ceiling fans in my house and my parents’ house and wish I had had the accessories to the Little Giant Ladder. I still have the interior of my house and my parents’ house to paint, so all this will come in handy. Also, for cleaning the gutters of my parent’s house and my house, the leg leveler and wall stand-off will ensure I do not fall off the ladder. :slight_smile:
The only deal I see here on Woot! compared to the prices on other sites is that the ladder is a few dollars cheaper - no deal on the accessories though. Come on Woot!!!

You do not need two ladders to use the scaffolding. A single ladder pulls apart to create two A frames which you put the scaffolding between.

I’ve owned a Little Giant for years, and it is the best ladder around. It is incredibly sturdy in many types of conditions. I have never felt unsafe using it even though I don’t like heights.

I bought everything here and cannot wait to use it. Sure it’s not the biggest discount ever, but there is something to be said about getting all from one place with one ($5) shipping charge! All I need is the leg leveler and wall standoff. But those can come later as I need them.

I hope this lasts me a long time because I had no intention of buying a ladder when I logged into Woot today!

Hi, I have the Little Giant Step ladder that is on Woot currently. I was wondering if the Wall hanger is compatible with my Step Ladder. thanks!

depends how high up you want to get with your scaffolding…

Holy crap I really should not type while I am tired neither of the posts I made make any sense.

Sorry I meant to say screw type 1 ladders. Bring on the type 1A and 1AA

I wonder what i meant to say when I typed hotel.

BOY ill say, remember when times were HARD and things were GOOD , and you could actually find a real deal on WOOT? yea, that we before the woot gods ssold out the the corprats and became an advertising site, COME ON WOOT!!! 4%??? DAMN!

I’m pretty sure this is the original LG ladder. The clips on the side that let you adjust the height are different now. I have these clips and while they are OK, I’d rather the new ones.

Sorry woot, love ya but not a great price! has the same thing for 19.99 and free shipping!. have it and it is great!

Way better price than Little Giant site on the bundle. Best ladder I’ve ever owned, now I have the extras I wished I’d purchased 15 years ago. Yeah!!!

(1) Strong and Sturdy.
(2) Very Heavy.

Still showing as awaiting shipping on an order placed on 8/3… been a while since I’ve ordered anything from Woot, is this typical???

It can take up to 5 days to process and ship the order.

I did hear that the Accessories did ship and that they are tracking by reference.

FedEx’s “Track by Reference” feature lets you get tracking info using your order number. Your order number is on your receipt which you can get via Your Account. Leave the Account Number blank. Enter your order number in the reference box. Next, select your country and enter your zip code. Click TRACK and voilà, you may have tracking info.