Little Giant Ladders and Accessories



Climb high above the zombies with a ladder. But for non-zombie use, we’d love to hear your reviews on this gear!


I bought this ladder and the accessory pack. GREAT decision! It’s easy to set up, sturdy, stable, and the tool holder lets me get more done without climbing up and down. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s been getting a real workout.


Does anyone know if this will work with the Werner style ladders that are similar to the Little Giant?


Why is this described in the Features section as a 22-foot ladder, but in the Specs the max extended height is only 19 feet?


Model 22 doesn’t mean 22 feet. These come in Model 13/17/19 which are 10/15/19 feet extension ladders, not sure where the model numbers come from. . .


“Constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum making it the lightest 22-foot multi-use ladder on the market”

My only guess would be that it’s 22 feet long if you lay it down, but if you’re actually gonna use the ladder it only reaches 19 feet after you angle it?


I’ve always wondered if it was that or the top step was at 19’.

If it helps any, our specs are straight from the Little Ladder site:

Little Ladder


you might as well just buy from, same price, free shipping plus free work platform and NO TAX except in UTAH


Just checked out the little Giant website. Same ladder, same price, but includes step accessories and free shipping…


FWIW - On little giant’s website the free platform is only for Classic Type 1A models, not the Alta-One.

But it does still have free shipping, so still a better deal, but the posts above are a little misleading/uninformed.


work platform is 40 cents more on amazon with free shipping for prime… bigger discount needed woot!


That rack is only $22.50 at Amazon. The cargo hold is $27.38 shipped. The work platform is $30.

Cheaper and faster shipping at parent company. No deals there.


While these aren’t necessarily that good of deals individually, I did find that the 3-Accessory bundle was worth it even with the $5 shipping. It saved me a little overall than buying from Amazon, since I was going to buy them all anyway.


This isnt a good deal. You guys offered this for less a few weeks ago. Very dissapointed in cost of accessories. 4% off suggested retail?


Check refurbs on eBay.


I can only speak for the work platform. I tried it out on my Werner MT-13 ladder tonight. The steps on the Werner are slightly wider than those on my Little Giant Alta-one 17. Also the lower (outer) steps on the Werner are slightly curved .It seems fine to use as a shelf in the middle of the ladder. I think it’s fine to use as a step on the outside of the ladder, but with the slightly wider steps and curved outer surface (if you end up resting the bottom on the outer portion of the ladder, it is slightly wobblier than it is on the little giant. I wouldn’t recommend doing a jig while you’re up there, but I think it’s fine to use on the Werner. Actually, once you have your weight on it, it doesn’t shift. I plan to use the platform on both ladders. I hope this helps.
Also, I don’t see any reason why the tool bag wouldn’t work and since the steps of the Werner are slightly wider the wall hanger should work too.


Its still a deal if your buying all 3, including shipping it’s 5 less. . .


I bought the ladder hanging rack about 6 months ago from for $19.99. I don’t think they sell it anymore, but still… means you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I must agree with others, there are no real deals here and I am seeing this a lot from Woot! now. I used to buy a lot of things from Woot! but now visit other sites and buy from them more often. :frowning:


I don’t always use a ladder. But when I do, it’s a Little Giant.