Little Giant Ladders for Short Tall Places



What’s your next project?


My husband has the little giant revolution xe 22 and loves it, very sturdy and light weight. We can easily clean the gutters on our house and when folded the little giant fits in our hall closet. We can also turn it into two short A frame ladders if we need to. We have a few little giant accessories as well and everything from them has been top notch.


I just wish the 22-foot ladder was being offered. The description of the AltaOne 17 says it’s a 17-foot ladder, but the specs say 15 feet. Anyone have any idea which is correct? I’d think that a ladder with “17” in its name would be 17 feet, but ya never know.


OSHA measures ladders by taking apart all the pieces and laying them end-to-end (hence the 17’), but when you actually use the ladder, there’s overlap between the sections, so when maximally extended for use, it measures 15’.


There are really two heights to every ladder. One is the physical height of the ladder, which is 17 ft here, and the other is the usable height. You should never stand on the top two rungs of a ladder for stability. That reduces the usable height by 2 ft and leaves you at 15 ft. So really both numbers are correct. This 17 ft ladder can get you 15 ft higher.


My next project is building a shed. I wouldn’t mind if you posted another air compressor in the near future. I have a lot of nails to drive.


I think the Alta One 15 is mis-named. I don’t find a Little Giant ladder with that title; the product code also does not match this description.


This ladder has the same SKU number (at the bottom of the page under the stats chart), but a different name (Titan vs AltaOne). It’s also only $149 with free shipping and comes with a free work platform and ladder rack.

I’m not sure what (if any) difference there is, but it’s probably worth it to save $35 and get a free platform and ladder rack.


Can you please put a Little Giant 22’ or 26’ model on Woot!


This seems like a much better deal unless theres any difference. I was thinking between the 15 and 17 and think Ill have to go with this link. Then maybe pick up the 22 whenever it comes back around


That is exactly what I just did.

Thanks for the link!


Am I the only one who tries to climb ladders wearing only socks? I always find climbing the Little Giant ladders painful when wearing just socks, because each rung is thinner than normal ladders when extended.

Wearing shoes with non-floppy soles fixes that situation, though.