Little Giant Liberty 17' Ladder with Trestle Brackets

Actually the “second ladder” is included.
It’s the “inside legs” for the extension ladder.
That’s why the Trestle Brackets are needed…to make 2 separate short step ladders to support the unincluded plank.
BTW…I have one of these and it works fantastic. worth the cost.

Same one is almost always on sale at harbor freight for about 110$ and I think something like 140$ regular. Don’t waste your money on this one

I’ve owned this ladder (w/o trestle brackets) for several years and I can tell you from experience, it is not “light weight.” That being said, it is still my go to ladder if I’m doing any kind of work from a ladder or if I’m carrying any kind of load up and down it. It is a trades-quality product. I wouldn’t do any electrical work from it (for obvious reasons), but have absolutely put it thru its paces and it continues to go strong.

I use a high quality dry lubricant on the hinge points. That’s the only maintenance I’ve ever had to do.

As far as the harbor freight knock-off goes, there is a wide void between these two ladders.

If you need a mack daddy multipurpose ladder, get this one you won’t regret it.