Little Giant Select Step 5-8' Ladder

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Little Giant Select Step 5-8’ Ladder
$149.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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What is the model number of the ladder? Usually they start with M

I have a Little Giant and use it all the time. Well-made and very portable. Price is not bad.

We try to put the model number in the title on the Details page and on the Specs tab “In the box”. This one is:

Little Giant 15125 Select Step 5-8 Foot Ladder

Must be something newer with a different numbering system.

Lost at 3:09

It does go fast. I paused a lot. LOL

I’ve been using a Little Giant for years, I agree it’s easier than a regular ladder, especially bringing it up stairs, it folds down pretty compactly. The one thing I wish I could do with it is open it totally straight so I can get on my roof.

Seems awfully short for $150.

I got one on woot last fall that expands to 17 ft. and I love it! It is very light and portable, also breaks down to two ladders that can support a scaffold.

checked the map… whew… so far no Illinois wooters climbing to Wisconsin!

Great when Pole Dancing gets boring.

My father picked one of these up last time and it is worth every penny for the price compared to a standard A frame ladder. We have been doing some remodeling around his house the past few weeks and it is very stable and comfortable and the adjustable size and configurations make it well worth it and would recommend it at list if there is any chance you need to spend any extended time on a ladder. At this price it is a good deal.

Been hoping this would show up. We have a wedding to go to and it was on the Sears registry for them. The registry at Sears has these at twice the price plus $120 shipping…

ya can’t beat $5 shipping…

Make sure you understand what this ladder is and isn’t before you buy it. When a lot of people hear “Little Giant” ladder, they think of the multi purpose ladder than can be an A-frame ladder, a staircase ladder, a 90 degree ladder, an extension ladder and scaffolding (with optional planks).
Little Giant’s website says that the type of ladder I described above combines 24 different ladders into one.
The one that Woot is offering is the “Select Step” model. According to the Little Giant’s website and the Woot description it can be used as a staircase or 90 degree ladder. It does not unfold all the way to become an extension ladder. Also,it can not be used as scaffolding. It says that it is not an A Frame ladder but is sure looks like it can be to me. But maybe I am missing something.
The middle of this page shows each position of the multipurpose ladder if you are not sure what each one is.
The benefit of the one Woot is listing is that it is more comfortable than the multipurpose ladders. So if you are going to be standing on it in one spot for a long time, this ladder will be more comfortable and many people will feel more secure with the safety handle to grab onto and then the addend convienence of the tool tray is a plus for some.

love, Love, LOVE this ladder!

If only i could buy some accessories for this . . .like maybe a wall rack, or a work platform.


Can anyone confirm whether this can be used in an A-frame configuration?

In for 2

Here is the link to the product page on the Little Giant website.
It says this “Can be used as a staircase or 90-degree ladder”
The model number that the Woot moderator give is the same as the SKU on that same webpage for the model 4-6. The SKU is just below the model comparison chart.
I am not exactly sure what Little Giant considers an A Frame ladder.
A staircase ladder is one that you can shorten one side of the ladder to work on stairs safely. A 90 degree ladder allow you to put the ladder right up against a wall which you can not do with an A frame ladder.
I would look at the pictures on the Little Giant website for this model and see if it sets up in a position you like. To me, the main picture on the Woot site looks like an A frame. Maybe since it is a step ladder, on their website, Little Giant is just pointing out that it can ALSO be used as a staircase ladder and a 90 degree ladder. But the don’t word it that way

If only there was a way to tell what the guy from Home Improvement and the Family Feud thought of this product!