Little Giant Select Step Ladder 4' - 6'

This Little Giant Step Latter must be in response to the sale they had a couple of days ago for the Little Giant Step Former.

Time to check out the product page and learn all about Little Giant Ladder

Yes, and I’m trying to figure out what a “Selct Step” is!

:D. I didn’t notice that till your comment.

I like it because it has a platform where I can set my vanilla ladde.

The “Little Giant” I bought here last year was made in America. This one is Chinese.
Kinda pricey for a Chinese ladder, dontcha think?
Oh well, another one bites the dust.

I don’t see the 4-6 on their website, only the 5-8 and 6-10. The 4-6 is just to small for my needs.

It appears to be some sort of social experiment. It almost broke my brain trying to read through it…I should remember to finish my coffee before visiting the Woot sites from now on.

4.8 Stars over at QVC

Here’s a good demonstration video from QVC

It looks like a nice enough step latter. I have one of the Little Giant M22s which is massive compared to this, the 6’ A-Frame latter of that is good enough for what I need in my home, if not I’d be compelled to buy this.

The Little Giant website indicates that their 5-8 and 6-10 ladders are designed and engineered in the USA but made in China…More America jobs lost to China.

I bought the 6-8 foot version of this a couple of years ago. It’s a beast to move, but it’s by far the most stable ladder I’ve ever been on. Highly recommended.

You are obviously more awake and alert than the Tools team and all the various people that proofed this sale.

It’s fixed now. Too bad because the posts were pretty fun.

A shame, isn’t it? Until the economics of it change, the only force that would change this is nationalism. In some countries…I’ll name Korea for example, that kind of force is a huge influence. In america…nationalism is kind of a joke compared to commercialism and capitalism. Don’t want products coming from China? Either make 'em cheaper here, or instill some sort of pride in choosing the domestically produced product.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

When it comes to large bulky or complicated items unless there selling at a once in a life time low price I always buy locally. The deciding factor is RETURNING THE ITEM. Whether it’s because it’s not quite what I want or it’s damaged / brakes. Returning something this large is a real pain in the #%%. You go through that “ONE” time and you will be a believer.