Little Griddle Euro-Q - Your Choice

Time to check out the product page for the Griddle and Junior Griddle


Not sure what to cook? Check out (and watch) some recipes

That video… wow. I have lost my appetite forever.

Nudeman’s back!

Forever? Don’t you think that when you smell that bacon sizzling on your Little Griddle, you’ll regain it? Worst case, Nudeman started a new diet? :slight_smile:

Whenever something is different or smaller than typical, it’s hip to call it Euro.

No one in Euroland uses anything like this that we saw. Oh well…

hey conan!..thanks for the links…watched the videos, and I bought one…the larger size…I’m gonna be so down with using this on my Fla. grill

I love cooking on my outdoor grill and now it’s going to be so much better…I’ve been wanting a griddle to cook on the grill for years, now I have one!

shake baby shake!

Who needs something fancy like this when you have an iron skillet?

I don’t have either of these models,but I do have the Sizzle-Q and really enjoy using it on the grill.

the underside design helps hold heat in better on a grill than a pan or sheet would, so I feel it does give better cooking.

Be sure to season it before use like you would a cast iron pan, and you’ll have a nice non-stick griddle that even eggs won’t stick too. Just don’t expect it to look shiny and clean afterwards :slight_smile:

I’m in for 1. No more Benihana’s for me. Time to impress my family and friends.

It’s hilarious looking at the carefully placed cooked food on the perfectly clean griddle, as if any of it were actually cooked on one…LOL

You beat me to it! Tagging something “Euro” is so “As Seen On TV.” Since it’s all made in China, why not call it “Sino-Pro?”

About the nudeman review:

I’m not sure I’d want my junk hanging out that close to a grill… Seems like it could be a (pardon the pun) recipe for disaster.

And thank goodness for black boxes!!

Is there a way to buy one of each without incurring two shipping charges?

Should only be one $5 shipping charge

I have a slanted grill… The front is lower than the back. Anyone have any thoughts about how this would work?

When I click that I want two it only gives me the choices to buy two of one or two of the other. There is no option to buy one of each. If I come back through a second account that means a second shipping charge.

Add one to your cart…don’t buy it. Go in and add the other to your cart. Then buy. Total shipping=$5

Select Model & Qty
Click Add to Cart
Select Model & Qty
Click Add to Cart

Shipping is $5 per cart.

Ah! Not used to the shopping cart, remembering the old days when you could only buy once.