Little House on the Prairie Box Set [DVD]

**Item: **Little House on the Prairie Box Set [DVD]
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DAMN. This is… this is… uch. I want this so bad.

O M G!!! NO !!! just shoot me !!!

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Unless you’re referring to the fact that these episodes appear to be cut, or the fact that the series really strayed from the text after Mary went blind. In either case, you have a point.

whereas this is a magnificent price for this set, i can’t help but wonder if what i am reading on wiki is correct. wiki (known for being wrong) says that most of the series was originally 45-48 minutes in length, whereas the region 1 dvds are edited to be about 35 in length cutting scenes and plotpoints.

can anyone tell me about this specific set?


If you follow lichme’s amazon link above you will find many complaining comments. It’s still very tempting, in that I don’t need to see Hester Sue check on her tea kettle, but a local channel shows Little House every week morning, and I don’t believe they’re edited episodes. On the other hand, many mornings the episodes are about Nellie’s marriage or what have you, so the set is nice to have to avoid those.

Looks like a great deal. 3x’s the price over at nbcuniversalstore and nearly 3x’s the price over at

Why do I want this so badly. Have probably already seen all of them at least twice.
This is the dvd equivalent of comfort food. At least for me.

Am hesitating because of the mentions of cut episodes. And, $80…

Wiki says there were 203 episodes and the running time for this set is listed as 9842 minutes. That comes out to about 48 and a half minutes per episode. Even taking into account the behind the scenes documentary and other special features added to the set, it would appear the episodes haven’t been cut.

WOW!!! What great nostalgia. Cut or uncut what a nice opportunity to have the complete series of one of the most heartwarming and wholesome television series of all time. They don’t make em like this anymore. I’m in!

This show is so depressing. It’s practically post-modern for its time.

I had no idea there was a series of books until I stumbled upon the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and the Little House in the Big Woods Wayside, both in Wisconsin.

I have since discovered that there are tourist attractions in Minnesota and southern Dakota, even though both have been too far from my route for visits. I don’t know of any tourist stops in Missouri, although I think she also lived there.

Heh. This and the Waltons remind me of mother’s side of the family. Good 'ol wholesome television.
( ^_^)b

great show!

Please bring this back again, Woot!

Today is your lucky day. They’re available on Moofi!

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