Little kid shower for Tennabee, who wants in?


After fostering children for years, the adoption papers finally came through for the little girl they fostered since birth!

Can’t be a baby shower, she is already one!

I’m sure that small gifts would be just fine.
We need a date and time, so the gifts will be there.


sounds like fun!


We also need an address, but I’m sure you already thought of that, lol.


Congratulations! :happy:


How old is her kid? I don’t remember the age.



I am in.

24 months or 2T.


I’m in.


Me too!


And me.


Me too.
Cupcakes for all!



Better count me in! I hope I can get my gift shipped in time, I am such a slacker when it comes to boxing stuff and mailing it.


PM Tennabee or me for an address.
I’ll be the default address…hubby wouldn’t even notice if I had to ship extra stuff. He plays with ebay while I woot.

Early December? Give everyone a few weeks to find something.
Or maybe the week after Thanksgiving? That gives us 3 weeks to buy and ship.


I vote for early December, gives everyone time to shop and ship.
And bake cupcakes.



What kind of cupcakes do we bake for this party?
I suppose everyone likes chocolate, no?


Should we make punch?


I’m in :slight_smile:




Surprisingly not.


Blows the theory. Unless this thread is so small it doesn’t count.