Little Red Fighting Hood

Yeah! , congrats Wences, really nice design!

That’s actually a cat.
Walmazan said so.
True story.

Oh no, no cats! What happened to the cats?!


HAHAHA! You make my day! Thank you so much!

Awesome print my friend. I’m in for one and excited to see my daughter sporting it. Congrats!

Yaaay, congrats, Walmazan! :smiley:

The design kind of feels like a very young BB Hood from the old Darkstalkers game.

The pose plus the axe makes me think of River Tam from Serenity. Deliberate connection, maybe, or no?

Another shirt I would have bought this week if not for the switch to Anvil. Great shirt, bad WOOT. I did get shirts an TeeFury, RiptApparel, and GoodJoe this week though.


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I want to see more from this artist! I’d love to see his twisted fun takes like this one but on Alice in wonderland, sleeping beauty and other famous cartoon characters! How can we all make this happen? I bought this shirt and have gotten so many compliments on it one after the other. Hope to see more from this artist and real soon.

So sad that this isn’t available anymore. I think I just missed it by a day or two. I still want one bad, any chance of a reprint?