Little Vineyards Band Blend Red Wine (6)

This is a very good wine. Blend changes from year to year. The track. I have always enjoyed it. Little makes great red wines, and this blend is a great any day wine for burgers or pizza.

Little Vineyards Band Blend Red Wine 6-Pack
$89.99 $139.99 36% off List Price
2011 Band Blend, Sonoma County, Red Wine

Rich Little plays his Chapman Stick.

Ddeuddeg, bahwm and I opened a Little Syrah on Wednesday. Great bottle.

What would you compare it too?

Bland Bend?

Want to split?

Shopping for work gift wine (plus a bunch to have on hand) is now complete. That was easy.

Haven’t had a Little wine in years. Looking forward to this.

Should we troll for a third?

If someone in SoCal/NoCal missed out, and wants 2, that’d be fine.