Little Vineyards Sonoma Valley Trio

from the vineyard website.

Band Blend $15 (or 25% off for a whole case)
Zin $25
Cab $40

doesn’t sound bad, maybe I’ll go for it later in the week though.

Shopzilla doesn’t have any from this vineyard… so here’s my next best version for comparison linkage… list comprises all vineyards listed under $20 in the categories specified… enjoy that.

Zinfandel’s Under $20

Cabarnet Sauvignon’s Under $20

… no band blends though… sorry kidz.

Trying to find ratings…Nothing on Wine Spectator nor on Cellartracker… lists the Cabernet Sauvignon for $39.99 and the Zinfandel for $25…

Hmmm…DIdn’t see anything else for the 2003 wines…

Anyone else have any luck?

Definitely looking forward to the sales pitch. As I said in another thread, I’d be much more inclined to buy if it were all the same wine. shrugs Doesn’t mean I won’t buy two of this one if we can get some good evidence that this is some good juice.

bdmonine - you rock. ok, at the risk of sounding shamelessly biased, this week’s selection is a sleeper.

Sleeper, huh? Tell us more, if you can. And is your bias based on a connection. or just a preference for the wines?

Amazing how little info there is on this winery, so we could really use some good information.

Had the pleasure of enjoying each one of the wines featured- it’s a tough job… also anticipate strong winery involvement this go around. should be fun.

Little Vineyards Sonoma Valley Trio

  • $5 shipping
    1 Little Vineyards 2003 Zinfandel
    1 Little Vineyards 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
    1 Little Vineyards Band Blend

I’m in for 9. The fridge is empty (had to bring some saved St. Supery to a housewarming party…) and I’m willing to take a chance. This brings the average bottle price down to about $17. Reasonable!

Bring on the grapey goodness!

You know David, you REALLY PISS ME OFF!!! Here I am in NY, wanting very badly to visit this neat little winery, and you’re actually doing it!

Just kidding, thanks for the info. How was the Cabernet? Does it drink like a $40 wine?

"It’s approachable with a medium-to-full body, like that girl you had a crush on in 8th grade. "
With a hook like that, who could resist? I’m in for 9!

I’m stockpiling at a friend’s house in preparation for my return from Baghdad in a few months. Not allowed to drink here… My first bottle will probably be a Ridge Vineyards Late Harvest Zin. For those that like HUGE zins, it’s the way to go. I’m intrigued by the Little Vineyards Zin, though. Definately worth a try at the WOOT price.

Ibn Sina Hospital
Baghdad, Iraq

Harvested on September 28, 2003 at 25.2 brix

Aged in 100% French oak barrels for 16 months (25% new French oak)

Bottled on February 5, 2004 unfined and unfiltered

I’m a little confused. The grapes were picked in Sept 03, aged for 16 mo in oak and then bottled in Feb 04. Does this winery know something about time travel? Do they use french oak bottles?

Nice descriptions, David. Though I’m also confused about that 16 month wine – must mean that it was bottled in Feb '05, eh?

My guess is that it is a typo. Feb 05 works out to 16 months if you start in October 03 and finish up Jan 05.

must be a typo of some sort. you don’t miss much. something we’ll have the winery hit on. The cab was delicious- truly. befitting the ideal growing conditions. the place is tucked between B.R. Cohn and Valley of the Moon Winery- and a stone’s throw away from Arrowood. It’s right up there.

I found this little review about the 03 Zin:

They really can’t win. When they offer all of the same wine, numerous people request variety packs. The fact that they are giving some of both, some variety packs and some not, is really the best they can do to satisfy everyone.

Okay, I am a suxor for variety and will give this one a shot…

Thank you for your comments, David. I ordered one.

Something about the variety back vs bulk. Remember, this is a way to wineries to get press about their product. Their motiviation is to do the varety pack to get as much different product out there and as much feedback. Its not just about offering hot deals.


Thanks for the variety woot. I’ve been begging for such a package ever since my initial purchase of st suprey which was great…well the merlot was…going to hold onto my 2nd cabernet for a while…wasnt too fond of the first bottle.

Fairly certain that i will purchase this woot as it’s exactly what im looking for; but will hold off until more posts are made for this wine. An opportunity to try more wines and to gain a greater understanding of my wine preferences. Though, I’m still holding hope that one day woot will find a way to bring us International wine(perhaps work a deal straight with a distrubutor?)