Little Vineyards - Two Pack

Little Vineyards - Two Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Big
product: 2 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

Winery website

$40 per bottle on their website for the 2004

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Well, I tried to sneak in at the head of the list, seeing as I’m at work late, on the fast connection (as opposed to our barbarian dial-up at home). Oh well. The wine still sounds delish!

And my work here is done for the week! Tootles, wooters!

On sale for $36 right now.

Wow! What a deal!

Little Vineyards - Two Pack
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Reporting for La’brat duty.

Been to there place and the wines are AWESOME!

seems like a nice deal. might get two but would love to get some feedback on this wine from some fellow wine drinkers.

I think this, finally, after 3 consecutive offers, is one I can refuse. After the Benziger Reds to use the woot birthday coupon, I don’t have the money or the room to store more oh so delicious looking Cabernet, or $20+ bottles in general. Sad to see the SakeGuy go, but it was fun while it lasted. Come back soon!


what was awesome about it? anything specific?

I’ve managed to get my wine woot impulses under control over the last year, limiting myself to once every couple of months or so. But I cannot pass up Little Vineyards. I’ve wooted their wines twice now and they’ve (along with Wellington and Ty Caton) have been my favorite wooted wines among my 20+.

I just (Saturday) enjoyed my last bottle of their 2003 Cab from the last time it was offered. I love big fruity tannic cabs, the 2003 was big on fruit and very smooth in the mouth. I’m definitely in for one. I’ll even volunteer to be a labrat for the first time.

Well, their 2003 is a very nice cab, lots of us wooted that already. Anyone care to comment of the 2004 vintage as compared to 2003 in Napa/Sonoma? I’m probably passing on this, unless someone can say with authority that the 2004 vintage was better than 2003.

Late to the party (again), but not too late to light the light for Vermont.

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…and so far, the only person in for two.

I’m still outta the Labrat pool as I fester here in Mobile, AL for another two days before returning home to ye olde Verde Mont and 35 degree nights.

Mill sighting…
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Thanks for coverin’ for me, Cesare. :slight_smile:

Found some info on the 2004 vintagehere:

"REGION: California/Sonoma County
Sonoma mirrored Napa with the crop size and the early harvest, but vintners reported somewhat milder temperatures, which generally encouraged earlier, gradual maturation. Winemakers said crush was all but wrapped up by the first week in October–two to three weeks ahead of normal.

An early, short harvest with low yields generally means the wines will be concentrated and intense, yet balanced, winemakers said. However, it can also mean that tannins can be an issue. “There seem to be a lot of big tannins in red wines across the board this year,” Chateau Souverain winemaker Ed Killian said.

Cabernet was spotty, with some excellent wines and some not so good, Killian said, but most other varieties fared well. “Overall, I think it will be an extremely good Chardonnay year. The Merlots are as good as they’ve ever been, certainly in Alexander Valley,” he said, adding that Zinfandels were on par with the Merlots. “I think Sauvignon Blanc is distinctly better than in 2003, which was kind of a flop. 2004 looks like there’s a lot of flavorful Sauvignon Blancs.”

I’m going to wait on labrat/winemaker reports. Would also love to hear from Labrous on this.

OK, it’s off topic, but I’ve got to ask it… Does Mill ever comment? He’s everywhere and usually first to woot, but I have yet to read a single post by him, to my knowledge.

When is your book coming out?